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Recently on Serious Eats: Burgers, Noodles, Etc

Once again, I am failing at posting on a timely basis. :( I have a post in the works that I should finish this weekend, if all goes well. Until then, here are a few recent posts I've done on Serious Eats:

angus burger
Angus burger.

Burger at Royal Tavern in Philadelphia: I went to Philadelphia last weekend—a very calorically dense weekend—to visit Alex, just two weeks after he visited me in NYC. Not that I've blogged about that visit yet. Um. I'm working on it.


Sugar Rush: Ovaltine from Chinatown: You already know about my Ovaltine drinking experience in Chinatown, but I made a quick post for it on Serious Eats in a desperate need for some sugary coverage. I'm still hitting the Ovaltine hard, man. (Also, the Milo and Holicks.)


Lan Zhou Handpull Noodle in Sunset Park: While wandering around Sunset Park after a birthday get-together at Amy's house, I ate dinner at Lan Zhou for a familiar buckette (that is, a small bucket, accent on the second syllable) of beef stew noodle soup. 'Twas a good, solitary meal, the only downside being that my one stomach couldn't fit in an order of dumplings to go with the noodles.


Grand Opening of Flip, a New Burger Joint in the Manhattan Bloomingdale's: I didn't mean to bash Flip on its opening day—my original plan was for the post to be mostly food porn without commentary—but I gave my honest opinion without trying to sound bash-y. However, after someone from the restaurant emailed my boss to say we had (unfairly) descended upon Flip shortly after the opening hour, I was like, "WTF, we got there after 1 p.m., not before noon." You can't argue with a photo's time stamp. I can't conjure much sympathy for a place located in a funny corner of a basement in a semi-pricey department store that has a $15 minimum during lunch hour and charges at least $12 for a burger. It's not like it was bad—it just didn't taste worth it for the price and location. Although I didn't expect perfection, I did expect more (like, more flavor) for the money. That's not unreasonable, is it?

cold cucumber with scallion sauce

Cucumber, Chicken, and More from Grand Sichuan: It may not look like much, but THOSE CUCUMBERS WERE SO DAMN GOOD. LIKE "I DREAM OF THESE CUKES" GOOD. Grand Sichuan = victory.


Laura [What I Like] / March 6, 2009 4:16 PM

Oh my god Royal Tavern is the best! Next time you're down there check out Good Dog for the blue cheese stuffed burgers. Ridiculous...and so dangerous to eat. My friend sprayed himself with cheese last time we were there.

Kathryn / March 6, 2009 11:55 PM

I just thought you should know that I just tuned in to the second half of one of USA Network's "Character to Watch" commercials and knew immediately that it was David Chang & Ssam because I recognized the pork buns from your picture. I don't know what that means, but I'm thinking (a) you take TV-worthy pictures and/or (b) I need to get out more. =)

roboppy / March 7, 2009 7:10 PM

Laura and Matt: Oh noooes, I did try Good Dog's burger and...while I didn't dislike it, I realized that I don't really like cheese-stuffed burgers in general. I like a meat core, not molten cheese core. :[ But I should probably approach it differently form a regular burger.

Kathryn: WOOHOO! I think it means you need to eat the pork buns. ASAP.

SuperChomp / March 8, 2009 10:25 AM

Wow, weggietables. Asian cuisine obviously wins it for you, even without a fine coating of cheese :]
Not so sure about the Ovaltine, but hey, at least you're getting your calcium(-laced with sugar)

Viagra Online / October 15, 2010 5:00 PM

First time that I ordered the cucumber dish I thought that it was mango because there is a recipe that looks so similar like this but it is delicious too.

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