My previous story-like "about" page was way out of date, so I'm going to redo this in fake FAQ form. People don't ask me these questions, but for the purpose of telling you about myself and because I'm too lazy to think of something else, let's assume they do.

Actually, people really do ask me this question: What camera do you use?

As of August 2014, I'm using a Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC macro lens with a Canon 7D, purchased out of desperation during my trip to Honolulu when my over three-year-old Canon 20D broke. The 7D initially seemed like a too-pricey camera for my needs, but it was worth the investment. Even if you don't think you'll need to do video, it's nice to have the option—mostly when you're in the presence of a puppy doing something adorable. Before the 20D I used a Canon Rebel XT, and before that (June 2006), a Canon Powershot SD450.

I also whack all my photos with a Photoshop stick (er, I mean, I "POST PROCESS" THEM).

Where'd the name of your blog come from?

The title of this blog is derived from The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten, which was recommended to me by Morten (English website). It's a hilarious book in which Steingarten sacrifices the health of his viscera in order to...eat everything. I highly recommend it.

Do you actually eat everything?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, which I suppose makes the answer a flat out "no". I'm not an adventurous eater à la Anthony Bourdain, and my penchant for sweets and solid foods is obvious in the way I obsess over their superior deliciousness over other kinds of foods. I also have some standards as to what should or shouldn't be eaten (Hershey bar, no, Valrhona bar, yes!), although those are quite flexible (wait, a free Hershey bar?).

My problem is that I can eat a lot to the point that I should count my blessings that I haven't turned into one of those obese people who requires heavy machinery just to get out of the house. (Solution: tear down the house with a bulldozer, move into a supermarket/restaurant.) Of course, I'm far from resembling one of those super-svelte girls who can literally eat anything (oh, how awesome that would be). I have a problem with willpower; if you put food I like in front of me, I'll probably eat it despite whether my stomach has any more room.

Do you cook a lot?


No, not really. I can cook, but I don't most of the time because I usually prefer to eat out (as my cooking tends to fit in the category of "not so good"). I like to make sandwiches, but I don't think that counts as cooking. My favorite thing to make is probably ice cream...not that that takes much effort. (I mean, the ice cream machine does most of the work.)

I learned to cook while majoring in Food Studies at New York University (graduated in May 2007), so training has occurred. Minimal training, that is. I'm quite sure that cooking in any professional manner is nowhere in the horizon. However, sitting on my ass for long periods of time while in front of the computer looks like a major part of my future.


Basic info:

Name: Robyn
Age: 28
Gender: Female (I hope that wasn't hard to figure out)
Location: NJ
Homepage: diskobox.net
Email: roboppy@gmail.com (IMPORTANT GOO: If you are from a restaurant PR company, PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL ME, as I will probably just put you on my junk list. For all other e-mails, unless your e-mail is urgent, I may not reply to it for a few days. Please be patient and only assume that I haven't received it/am dead if you don't hear from me in a week. Thanks!)

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