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September 2, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Idea: Check Out the Asian Feastival Next Monday

Soup dumplings from Asian Feastival participant Nan Xiang Dumpling House.

YEAAAHHH I'm really falling behind on this "blogging" thing. I'd like to say my recap of June is almost done, but it's not even in the fetal stage. It's in the "I know I'm going to have a baby someday, so I'm going to pick out its crib and it's clothing and the colors of its room and its name even though I haven't started to make the baby yet" stage. ...Wait, is that what a crazy baby-hungry person would do? Ah dammit whatever.

So while I ponder my post's potential existence, let me plug the Asian Feastival coming up next Monday, September 6, at Sheraton LaGuardia East in Flushing from noon to 5 p.m. The name is somewhat self explanatory: It's a festival with lots of food—ASIAN FOOD. IN QUEENS. (Aka the best place for Asian food in the city.) So you'd probably enjoy it. To be more specific, more than 20 restaurants in Queens will be serving signature bites. To quote the press release:

"...yak momos (Tibetan dumplings filled with local yak meat from Vermont), miniature Indian dosas with sambhar, Qingdao cold noodles (made from sea grass imported straight from Qingdao), Malaysian beef rendang and laksa curry, Thai Miang Kiam (a traditional Thai snack made with betel leaf), Sri Lankan idiappums, and more."

(Random: I have the sudden urge to buy yakamomo.com.)

In addition to stuffing your face, you can also attend panels with chefs, authors, and other Asian food authorities. And if you're not as physically challenged as I am, the Feastival also features a 3.5 hour bike tour around Queens before the eating and paneling starts. (During that time you'll find me firmly attached to my bed, face smooshed into a pillow.)

I don't usually mention events, so what makes this different? I'm going, for one—with a media pass, admittedly—and my awesome friend Veronica and her mom Wendy have been working mad hard organizing this event for the past bunch-o-months. Even though this is the first Asian Feastival they're presenting, I'm sure it'll be great since they're pros at organizing food events.

Tickets are $55 online (get $5 off with the code AFQueens), $60 at the door. As some of my friends have pointed out, it's a bit steep, but I don't think it's much more than other food events featuring a ton of good restaurants giving out food, and this has educational panels to boot. I'm also hoping it won't be as clusterfucky as other food events where your best shot at getting any sort of edible morsel is to claw your way through a sweaty, plastic cutlery-wielding crowd.

If anyone else is coming to the event, let me know!

September 5, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Stuff I Ate in June, Part I

I wanted to write a megapost about ten awesome things I ate in June (only three months behind, woohoo), but ten was too much for one post. Here's the first five; I'll get the second part up soon.

At the end of the post I put up my travel plans for the month, which will interest...not most of you. (Although if you live in Austin, I may request your navigational services.) But in case anyone tries to contact me and doesn't hear back for a while—which is admittedly not very different from when I am chained to my computer 24/7—I have a legitimate reason this time: I will be unchained from my computer! And I don't have a smartphone. WEEEE technology fail!!!

Homemade Pizza Suprema Party

Pizza, yesss.

In the spring of 2009, my friend Lee Anne was all kinds of excited about starting her first post-college job in Washington DC, working for the government. They told her it could start as early as the summer of 2009!

But it didn't. So she waited!

And then it didn't some more. So she waited some more!

And then it didn't some more. ...Yeah....

And then a year later*, after her family and her global network of contacts were fully checked out, she finally got the thumbs up to start her job. Up until then her homebase was my apartment. I live with her boyfriend (or she's my roommate's girlfriend; either way works), so it was a beneficial situation for all of us...aside from Lee Anne not knowing when her life would include a steady income.

*One of my friends waited two years for clearance, so I guess it could've been 100% worse.

To celebrate the government finally deeming her a safe person to absorb into their workforce, Lee Anne wanted to throw a homemade pizza going-away party. But when the dough proved too difficult to pull together in time for the party, she figured she could buy dough from a pizza shop. Except you can't if you want dough from Pizza Suprema, one of our fave pizza joints in the city for New York-style pizza. They won't sell you raw dough; you have to buy it in baked pizza form.

But you can get free dough if you're...me. Don't ask me why. I mean, they obviously know who I am—they're a friend of Serious Eats and only located a few blocks away from our office—but considering I have no part in Slice, I never thought my name could garner me access to exclusive dough. Those two heavy glutenous plops were by far some of the best things my food blogger status has ever gotten me.

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September 17, 2010

New Orleans, Seattle, and Austin Eats

Remember in my last post when I said I'd have Part II of "My Favorite Ten Eats in June" up soon? Well...that...obviously didn't happen. While I'm about 95 percent done with the post, I'm unhappy with how it came out. From a scale of one to ten, its entertainment value is [insert sound of a robot powering down—out of tune bleepy bloops, languid clanking, etc. I'm envisioning fictional robots from the 1950s, if that helps]. You deserve better than that. But knowing very well that my attempt to revise it could take another week given my current schedule, I'll put up something else first. And here is the something else: a summary of what I've been eating over the past few weeks, which should explain why I haven't had much time to blog. :(

Research for the upcoming Serious Eats book brought me to New Orleans last Tuesday, Seattle from last Thursday to Saturday, and Austin this past Tuesday to Wednesday. Right now I'm in Chicago until Monday morning. Since it's all for work, I'm not going to review the places in this post, nor do I have much food porn to show you because many of the photos will just be for the book (and, erm, I haven't edited most of them yet).

But...I hope these lists are helpful anyway, even if just a smidge. (The locations were determined by the content of our book, which is divided into specific categories, in case you're wondering why we focused on street food, sandwiches, breakfast food, burgers, and fried stuff.) It'll show you how much you can accomplish (and by "accomplish" I mean "consume") in a short period of time, if you plan everything out and have some extra eaters on hand. I mean, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I can't tell you how much weight I've gained since I'm scale-less, but methinks that's for the best.

New Orleans in Eight Hours

IMG_0125 copy
Mm, french fry po-boy.

Serious Eats staffers Erin, Carey, Ed, and I arrived in New Orleans at around 9 a.m. and took a 5:40 p.m. flight home. Many said we were crazy. And...I wouldn't fault them. But since we all had JetBlue's All You Can Jet passes, it wasn't a big deal for us to spend one day there in order to disrupt our work schedules as little as possible.

Our key to the city was Ed's friend Pableaux Johnson, food loving-journalist, author (check out his book, Eating New Orleans), photographer, graphic designer, iPad developer, hilarious dude, great driver, and probably a bunch of other cool things that I'm not sure I want to know about or else I'll feel totally unaccomplished. He knew where all the good eats were, saving us the trouble of having to look at maps and inevitably get lost. Without Pableaux, we wouldn't have been able to eat nearly as much, nor would we have learned as much about New Orleans' history and architecture. No one else could've been a more perfect guide for us, a bittersweet takeaway from the trip since it means subsequent visits won't be as awesome. :[

But I really should visit again; I didn't even get to see the French Quarter. Oops. But I did get to eat ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF:

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September 27, 2010

Chicago and Wisconsin Eats

Pies from Hoosier Mama = DESTROOOYED.

I spent a dishearteningly long time trying to write a short intro to this post—deleting a sentence, staring at my monitor, writing another sentence, staring at my monitor, deleting those sentences, making a sad face at my monitor because I didn't like any of those changes I had just done, staring at my monitor, then repeating all of that two more times—but ultimately this is all that matters:

I ate a lot during my trip to Chicago and Wisconsin. A lot lot. ...A...craaaap...ton...lot.

Okay, more info. I went to Chicago for four days with Ed and Carey, which involved one day in Madison and Milwaukee. With the help of Nick Kindelsperger and Daniel Zemans, among other Serious Eats friends, we hit 40 places—or an average of 10 places a day. It sounds like a lot, but it's just keeping the pace we set with my previous trips. However, this trip being the longest one also made it the most moan-ful by the time the fourth day rolled around. Or by the time we were...rolling around on the fourth day. Either way. There's a good reason to only take one to three day trips for the purposes of book research: Four days is just one too many when you're stuffing yourself constantly, with nary a fresh vegetable or fruit in sight.

But we got plenty of fried things! Oh yeah! You will see. I'll write little descriptions of what we ate, and what was particularly awesome.

Many thanks to Dan and Nick for driving us around in Chicago, and Ed's friend Holly for driving us around in Madison. Also, thanks to Rose for letting me stay in her apartment all weekend. YAY FRIENDS (HIGH FIVE)!

Day 1: Chicago

  • Ina's: Breakfast. Their "Heavenly Hots" pancakes are among the best pancake-y substances I've ever dissolved in my mouth.
  • JP Graziano: Italian subs.
  • Xoco: Sandwiches, churros, soft serve. Rick Bayless knows how to make awesome sandwiches. Wish we could get this sandwich magic in NYC.
  • Franks 'n' Dawgs: Gourmet hot dogs.
  • Cemitas Puebla: Lots of sandwiches.
  • Kuma's: Burgers, mac and cheese. They're famous for their burgers, but they weren't book-worthy.
  • Red Hot Ranch: Hot dogs, fried, fried shrimp. This place knows their way around the deep fryer. MY KIND OF PLACE.
  • Borinquen: Jibaritos.
  • Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate, desserts. Really glad I got to end the night on sugar.

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