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Labor Day Weekend Idea: Check Out the Asian Feastival Next Monday

Soup dumplings from Asian Feastival participant Nan Xiang Dumpling House.

YEAAAHHH I'm really falling behind on this "blogging" thing. I'd like to say my recap of June is almost done, but it's not even in the fetal stage. It's in the "I know I'm going to have a baby someday, so I'm going to pick out its crib and it's clothing and the colors of its room and its name even though I haven't started to make the baby yet" stage. ...Wait, is that what a crazy baby-hungry person would do? Ah dammit whatever.

So while I ponder my post's potential existence, let me plug the Asian Feastival coming up next Monday, September 6, at Sheraton LaGuardia East in Flushing from noon to 5 p.m. The name is somewhat self explanatory: It's a festival with lots of food—ASIAN FOOD. IN QUEENS. (Aka the best place for Asian food in the city.) So you'd probably enjoy it. To be more specific, more than 20 restaurants in Queens will be serving signature bites. To quote the press release:

"...yak momos (Tibetan dumplings filled with local yak meat from Vermont), miniature Indian dosas with sambhar, Qingdao cold noodles (made from sea grass imported straight from Qingdao), Malaysian beef rendang and laksa curry, Thai Miang Kiam (a traditional Thai snack made with betel leaf), Sri Lankan idiappums, and more."

(Random: I have the sudden urge to buy

In addition to stuffing your face, you can also attend panels with chefs, authors, and other Asian food authorities. And if you're not as physically challenged as I am, the Feastival also features a 3.5 hour bike tour around Queens before the eating and paneling starts. (During that time you'll find me firmly attached to my bed, face smooshed into a pillow.)

I don't usually mention events, so what makes this different? I'm going, for one—with a media pass, admittedly—and my awesome friend Veronica and her mom Wendy have been working mad hard organizing this event for the past bunch-o-months. Even though this is the first Asian Feastival they're presenting, I'm sure it'll be great since they're pros at organizing food events.

Tickets are $55 online (get $5 off with the code AFQueens), $60 at the door. As some of my friends have pointed out, it's a bit steep, but I don't think it's much more than other food events featuring a ton of good restaurants giving out food, and this has educational panels to boot. I'm also hoping it won't be as clusterfucky as other food events where your best shot at getting any sort of edible morsel is to claw your way through a sweaty, plastic cutlery-wielding crowd.

If anyone else is coming to the event, let me know!


Sandra / September 2, 2010 11:06 AM

Ooh thanks for posting this! I was looking for something to do before classes started and this is perfect!

Angeline / September 2, 2010 5:37 PM

Maybe you could flip the way that guy who bought did. Wait, maybe he didn't flip it, he might have been sued actually. Oh well.

Might be coming to NYC in October. That sound you hear is a thousand manatees squealing with joy.

Carrie Dahlby / September 4, 2010 12:04 AM

Hey, you could always give a quick recap of the good stuff with your awesome photos, then move on to blogging about current stuff. Don't give up blogging! You're the only foodie blog I read!

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