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I'm Heeeere

UPDATE: I MIGHT NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE POWER THING! It depended on whether my macbook adapter was dual voltage, I dont think it is. I dont have a grounded power adapter thing, just the ungrounded kind. One guy told me I dont need the grounded while another woman said it might fry the adapter. Im leaning towards the unfrying option, or thats what I want to believe,, ill let you know if that happens and ah crap i have 4 minutes of internet left on this card, okay bye, and thanks so much if you emailed me with advice, YAYAYA OKAY GOTTA GO TOODS

Just so you know I'm not dead, this is a note to tell you that I'm here. But...

1. No wifi.

But worse...

2. I forgot my three prong to two prong converter. Meaning that I can't really use my computer unless I want the battery to die now. Meaning that I'm hardly using my computer except to dump my photos onto. Meaning that I probably won't blog for a while unless someone can tell me where in Bologna I can get one of those converters or an Apple travel power kit. There's an Apple reseller store here but they closed before I could check it out today. (Most shops close on Thursday here.) And there's no guarantee they would even have the thing I'm looking for. I actually went there the other day to ask if they had a European power cord and they do...for about 90 euros. I want to know if they have just the plug bit, which is cheaper. Kind of a long shot, but whatever.

I did look into getting my mum to mail me the converter from home but it would cost about $60. Probably not worth it. I may as well buy the super pricey European thing and resell it later.

If I were in the US I'd go to Radioshack. ...Of course they don't exist here, so I'm out of ideas and I kind of doubt I can find something meant for North American consumers anyway.

So yeah. Don't ask how I could be so dumb as to forgot the converter. I have a gazillion of the regular two prong to European converters, which are pretty useless now.

If you have any suggestions on where I can procure magic converter thingy please email me. Otherwise I'm kinda stuck for now. Thank god I at least found a nice Internet cafe.

OH, I've had gelato three times so far and each time was wonderful. Today Diana, Morten and I are meeting up with Kåre and shall continue having happy fun times.

But it would be happier if I could TYPE BLOG ENTRIES! Which you will not see for a while.

Thanks for listening to my dumb rant. I'm glad to be here safe and sound, of course. :D The buildings are beautiful and the weather is almost perfect (a little on the hot and sweaty side) and there's lots of gelato and prettiness and you have to use plastic gloves when you pick fruit at the supermarket, which is interesting, or makes the US feel oh so dirty.

Oh, if anyone wants Compeeds (those European foot blister preventing things that I have yet to find in the US) let me know and I'll get ye some. I plan on hoarding a few.


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