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Somewhere in Bologna

So I'm here. YEAH. Okay, you knew that already.

Thanks to Sara, who is currently being the best host ever to Diana, Morten, Kare and me in Milan, I got to upload some photos. You must LOOK AT THEM, YES?

This won't be a post about much except that I'm alive and that there's photographic evidence of that. Check out Morten's photos of more Bologna action.

So, about the plug thing. I was going to write this long post about how I'm a moron to save you and anyone else from pointing it out to me, but basically I'm a moron and I thought my MacBook power adapter would explode out of its ass (aka "assplode") if I used the wrong plug thinger. After a failed attempt to find said plug thinger, I checked out the adapter's specifications online and saw that it had variable voltage and would thus probably not assplode with my two prong thingy. Yadda yadda yadda Robyn is a moron haha point and laugh and stuff okay.

BLAH BLAH BLAH OKAY let's forget this. Maybe. My friends are really nice so they've kinda joked about me dragging them throughout Bologna for a plug adapter that didn't exist (or that I didn't need, more like) but I know deep down inside they're thinking, "OMG ROBYN, DUMBASS!" I'm saying it for them so they don't have to feel bad about saying it to my face.

Anyhoo, thanks again to those who gave me advice! I knew you'd pull through. Thank you for acting non-crazy when I can't help to act...crazy.

Okay, we gotta go to sleep now. Morten and Kåre are sleeping on the same little air mattress and it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I'm quite certain that neither of them will be on the mattress in the morning having given into the "laws of air displacement of air mattresses when slept on by two full grown weegies."


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