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June 2, 2007

National Donut Day + Go Go Curry

Everyone loves doughnuts—anyone who says he doesn't is either lying or has never had a good one.

- Nancy Silverton, "Pastries from the La Brea Bakery"

I found this quote worthwhile to record on my tumblr page because after having eaten way too many donuts in the name of being a Serious Eater, I think Nancy has the right idea.

Donut Day!

Yesterday we celebrated National Doughnut (or "Donut", as I prefer) at Serious Eats. You can read a little history about the holiday, which lands on the first Friday of June, at the awesome donut-obsessed Blognut. SE interviewed the blognut himself, Bret Stetka, at The Donut Pub, a favorite destination of mine and some of my friends for tasty unhealthy things. As it's open 24 hours a day, it's probably good to go to if you're drunk at 3 AM, assuming you have enough consciousness to find it. Of course, I have no experience with drunken donut eating...

I drew the happy cavorting donuts to illustrate how happy this day of donuts is, but to be honest I'm not a big donut fan, although I may like them more now than I did before going through a donut tasting. [puts up a shield to deflect bullets and sharp pokey things from angry donut lovers.] I don't hate them and I do enjoy reading about them or staring at them in all their cute rotund-ness, but I've never eaten a donut that made me think, "Damn, that was a really good donut. I think I will eat five more of those. Right now." While growing up I distinctly remember disliking doughnuts from my neighborhood grocery store, Market Basket, for tasting like heavy, somewhat dry, not very flavorful cake.

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June 4, 2007

Barcelona: Do You Like Me?

Update (6/6): Holy crap, you guys are awesome (and well traveled). Thanks for all your recommendations and advice! I don't mean to be a lazy bum, but instead of coming up with another, better-sounding reason I'll just say that I really am too lazy to reply to each comment individually as I usually do. And you know that I do like to acknowledge all my readers, because without you this site would kinda suck! (HAI U GUYZ!) I'll give a collective THANK YOU for now and crawl into my bed in a moment for a not-so-good night's sleep.

I thought I should inform you that Diana and I decided that we are most definitely nooot going to Barcelona this summer, but will hopefully go...later. Yes. There is a plan in the works to go to Italy in September to romp around the Land of Gelato (and by that I mean Italy) with our favorite weegie. I'll let you know when that's confirmed. ;)

This is another one of those random entries where I don't actually talk about food. Sorry. So for the 99% of who you don't care, I hope you come back soon. For the other < 1% who found the title interesting (or are just very bored) maybe you can help me.

Diana and I considered going to Barcelona during the last full week of July because neither of us had been there before and we both wanted to go. Obviously. Also, we would be able to meet up with the fabulous ADELYN who is currently skipping around Europe and getting trapped in elevators in the process.

Unfortunately, Diana and I have kind of hit this wall of "OMG EXPENSIVE", in that this trip will probably cost a buttload and a half plus since we don't actually know anywhere there who we can bum a couch off of and we are more comfortable staying in a hotel than a hostel. While we could say, "Screw it!" and spend the money, it would be kind of reckless. I don't know if I can blow a few thousand dollars at the moment. (Er, probably not.) Still thinking about it.

My question is, do I have any readers in the Barcelona area? Or does anyone have tips to give us for the future? Now that we've talked about it, we're pretty sure we'd like to go...eventually, whether that's later this year or next year. May as well start planning now.

Thanks for your help!

June 10, 2007

Grom, The Spotted Pig and Salud



...is not what I said out loud because then other Grom-goers would've looked at me funnily while pulling their children away from my field of vision lest I lash out and foam at the mouth in a crazed state of gelato hunger.

Yes, I finally went to the famed Grom...about a month after it opened. It took an invite from Carol, blogger of delicious and beautiful Parisian treats and watercolors, to get me there, after which I waited a week or more before emailing her back with, "YES LET'S GO GET THE 'LATO!" It only took me about 15 minutes to get to the Upper West Side from the Serious Eats office. I'm remarkably lazy, folks.

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June 17, 2007

Black Pearl, Odessa, brgr, Tebaya, Big Booty, and More

fried clam, mountain of
the mountain of clams compells you

I had never eaten a fried clam sandwich before I went to Black Pearl, partially because I'm not big on molluscs. But you know what I am big on? THINGS THAT ARE COOKED IN HELLISHLY HOT FAT. It's a magical process that makes everything taste good. Kid doesn't like vegetables! Fry em! Don't know what to do with those week-old hot dogs that are starting to ooze something that looks inorganic? Fry em! So I was excited about my Ipswich Clam Roll and all its sea-filled goodness hiding under a light crispy cornmeal coating.

I was first hit by the buttery roll. And by that I mean it tasted like it had been soaked in butter. Which is kind of awesome. And then I got into the soft, clammy belly of the roll. Thank god these clams were baby-butt tender and not chewy with a hint of indigestibility like the few clams I recall eating (and being terrified of) as a kid that I would chew for 5 minutes straight and ultimately swallow whole because the acids in my saliva made no impression on the rubbery clam matter.

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June 20, 2007

My Popsicles, Let Me Show You Them

with the box

This is another rambling non-food review entry. SORRY I MAKE KITTEH CRY WITH MY DILIGENT NON-BLOGGING.

I took the above photo for Ed's Serious Eats post about this tasty chocolate bar. In case you didn't know (because I don't think I made any kind of official announcement) I now happily work at Serious Eats, not as an intern but as a...real human! Yes, 'tis true. Many of you already knew that. But to fend off any questions of "What are you doing after graduation?" there is your short answer. :)

Actually, there's a shorter answer. It goes something like, "I don't know." In the long run, I would like to live on my own at some point. For now, I'm perfectly happy living with my mum in NJ where I don't have to pay for lodging or food. Saving money is rather important right now, which is why I hope no one thinks I'm ignoring them if I don't invite them to eat out with me. I'm trying to not eat out as much for reasons pertaining to my increasing girth and my decreasing wallet contents. Of course, there are other ways to past the time with friends. ...Like...um...I'll get back to you on that.

Oh, for instance you could go to a play! There's a food performance going on right now, Cooking Con Karimi (con Castro), at Abingdon Theater (tickets). It's only playing until Thursday, but if you have the time it sounds worthwhile:

Using the recipes as points of departure to talk about cultural collisions and complex political events occurring around the world, Cooking Con Karimi (Con Castro) is a humorous, audience interactive cooking show that challenges conventional notions of how we approach food, culture, and politics... AND! the audience gets to eat free food that's prepared live by chefs Mero Cocinero Karimi and Comrade Cocinero Castro.

YOU GET FOOD! Of some sort.

I'm afraid I'm not going, not for any good reason besides that I'm lazy and don't like to come home late unless I feel it is necessary, Friday nights being an exception. I got home at 11 PM tonight (Penn Station power outage, awesome), which is why I'm writing this at 2 AM. What have I done for the past three hours? Oh, ye know...stuff.

On that note, if anyone goes to the show let me know how it was!

superlocal's popsicle!

And for more food-related randomness, here is a pretty popsicle. We blogged it at Serious Eats and it was submitted to Boing Boing as an example of skilled popsicle craftsmanship. So I wonder, DEAR READERS OF THE WORLD, do you have any cool examples of popsicles from your area? Maybe I can write a post about them. I sure don't have anything! Oh ho ho!

Actually, I rarely eat popsicles. Maybe there are cool things over here that I don't know about. If I had to choose a favorite popsicle, I would go with a red bean ice cream one, or one of those red bean slushy things with a custard filling. Such a thing exists, right? It's not a phantom dessert that only exists in the deep depths of my brain goo? I think my first encounter with the slushy custardy red bean popsicle was at a Family Mart in Taipei; one of my friends bought one and being the mindless follower that I am, I got one too. Woo!

SHO ME UR POPSIKULS! Pwease? Thank you.

Lastly, I'll be in Bologna from September 11th to 27th. o(^__^)o (<--That is a happy face with two nubbin fists happily lifted in the air, in case it's not clear. This is what all happy Chinese people look like. I mean, if you're looking at them from far away while squinting. Really! My eyes turn into pointy punctuation all the time. Pinky swear.) Now it should make more sense why I have to spend less money this summer (which I'm not doing diligently, but...well)—it's so I can give it to as many Italian gelaterias as possible. This trip will be more exciting (or less scary) once I find freakin' accommodations.

June 22, 2007

Latest Gothamist Post: Big Booty Bread Co

behind the glare = baked goods

My latest Gothamist post about Big Booty Bread Co is up. But if you leave a comment, I probably won't read it.

I've been okay with the smattering of asshole-y Gothamist comments...until now.

I hope you enjoy the post.

June 24, 2007

Too Much Korean Pancake-ness + the Popsicle Reveals Itself

i heart you, banchan
I heart you, banchan

From the first time I was presented with a table-ful of banchan, those tasty little dishes of Korean goodies, mostly spicy and vegetarian, I was mystified that I could get a whole meal before actually getting my...meal. Of course, banchan aren't meant to act as a meal—they're just side dishes—but they're like, really freakin' tasty side dishes, and they're like, FREEEEE. I like every dish, from the funky gelatinous seafood goo to the tiny dried fishes with their gaping eye sockets to the spicy chunks of daikon to the boiled mung bean sprouts to the chopped snow peas to the EVERYTHING.

Han Bat
Han Bat

Last Tuesday I went to Han Bat with John for dinner. I had been to Han Bat once before and it made my "visit again" list for a few reasons: 1) BANCHAN, 2) big portions and 3) opposite of pricey. It also seems to be frequently mainly by Koreans, which is a good sign, yes? But I did have another reason.

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June 27, 2007

Meat Coma Derived From BBQ and Burgers

Last Thursday night as I was on the way home from work my mum popped the question: "Want to eat out tonight?" She does that a lot. And of course, why wouldn't I? Besides that it messes with my failed attempt to lose weight, something my mum doesn't have to worry about because she is effortlnessly able to retain her child-like size despite sometimes eating me under the table? Maybe she burns more because she sleeps more than I do. Could that be it? Or maybe when you reach your mid-50s your metabolism increases...wait, that doesn't sound right.

I directed us to Silver Oak Bistro, one of the restaurants in Ridgewood that we had yet to try (after eating there for many years, we may have been to more than half of the restaurants in Ridgewood). It's American food, but, you know...nice looking. Not that American food isn't usually nice looking. But I've never seen barbecued pork and mac-n-cheese on such a nice plate. I'll show you that later. It's a unique restaurant among the Ridgewood restaurant community.

bbq chips
bbq chips

They start you off with a complimentary basket of homemade bbq potato chips accompanied by bbq sauce and a hot green sauce (which they call Pigasus BBQ & Green Goddess sauce respectively). My mum refrained from eating much of it...but I ate all of it. I mean, I ate everything she didn't eat. That's a lot of potato chips. And was very dumb on my part because that probably didn't leave much space for the rest of my meal. But how often do you get to eat fresh potato chips? You must eat them all. ALL.

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