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the one-minue wheeze + korean food

My lungs just got wheezy for about a minute. Interesting. I mean, it wasn't totally random; a cough triggered it. I tried to quell (hey, that's a cool word, kinda) it with water but that didn't work. Then again, maybe I should count my blessings that it didn't last long.

...but it shouldn't have lasted at all! Ergh!

I said "screw it" to the no-grain restriction today and ate a little bit too much rice and some of a Korean pancake/pizza thing. I'm sorry I don't know the real names, but all I remember was the English part of the menu: "Korean style thin pancake." And I probably didn't even remember that correctly. I skipped lunch today since I wasn't hungry (and I woke up after 1 PM, *cough*) and had to prepare some junk to move into my dorm, but after dumping my things in my room (literally, I was in and out of there in less than 20 minutes, although it's not that hard when you live in the Financial District and almost NOTHING is there on a Sunday afternoon except 10 other families trying to move in their children) my mum, brother and I hightailed (in Harlem River Drive traffic) to Fort Lee where we picked a random Korean restaurant and stuffed outselves silly.

First off, I asked the waitress (who was insanely perky, in a cute way) what certain items on the menu were that were cryptically untranslated.

*points* "What's this?"
"Oh, baby octopus."
", how about this?"

Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of octopus. Actally, I'm not a big fan of non-fish seafood, and octopus (if not fried) would be near the bottom of the list of non-fish things I like. I ended up getting a spicy fish soup (Maeun-tang?) after I found out the spicy fish casserole was actually fish eggs (I like fish after it has passed the embryo stage). My mum got jap chae (one of the few things I know; I should learn more Korean food names) and my brother got a ginormous "pizza".

But before we could eat our entrees, we had CRAPLOADS OF APPETIZER THINGS (pan chan?). There were craploads of the little plates for the three of us and we didn't know that they'd refill the plates after we finished them, or else we probably wouldn't have finished any.

I was kinda full before my entree came, but did that stop me from eating most of it? NO! OF COURSE NOT! I'm rarely ever get soup yet I keep forgetting why, until I get the soup; it fills my stomach to insane proportions. Actually, all food does that but liquids make me feel really full, hence the consistently high water level in my drinking glass during meals. Anyone who eats with me knows that I rarely drink any water because 1) for some reason my thirst mechanism doesn't work well (yeah, my hypothalamus is the shit) and 2) liquids fill me up, preventing me from enjoying the non-liquid food, which hopefully most of the food is.

My stone pot was full of red broth brimming (BRIM!...ish!) with chunks of tofu, white fish, scallions, zucchini slices, and something else that may have been green pepper/chile/something spicy and hurt-ful. I ate a lot of rice to offset the spicyness,not that it was unbearable but at one point when I swallowed the soup, some of it lodged into my throat-pipe (you know, that one) and made some burny-feelings in there. Water came to the rescue in that instance. The white fish was a little bony but nothing a little chopstick-poking/indiscreet spit-outing couldn't take care of. It's not a dish I'd get again but I enjoyed it and ate most of it (my exact wording was probably, "Uhhg it's really good, I'm so full but I'm still eating it, WHY, KILL ME"), as I continued to eat at least 20 minutes after my stomach told me I was full.

", I ate too much."

Not that she was surprised. Her jap chae was okay, but softer than I would've liked. Or maybe it's supposed to be like that and I like inauthentically prepared jap chae. WHATEVER. My brother's pizza thing (probably pajun, but larger than the han bat one, which was pretty large) was really good, something I'd want to order for myself.

I waddled out of there. "Uh, can we walk around or something?" My mum replied, " the parking lot." HAHAHA. Damn. *waddle*

The meal was weird in that it was insanely filling but not in a stick-to-your-ribs kind of way. I would've wanted to flop on my bed and loaf (mm...loaf) in that case. The restaurant wasn't very crowded when we went (I forgot the name of it) but the clientele was mainly Korean and no one looked overweight. I thought that maybe we were supposed to share entrees instead of each getting one (that would've been a better idea) but I saw other people eating out of ginormous bowls also. Mmh. Many people were barbecuing beef at their table but we didn't try that since it required two orders. Maybe some other time.

Later I had a snack of fruit, taro fries/chips, and the last of Carol's insanely delicious cookies. Arrgh! The wheat destroys me! I will probably eat some more this week but hopefully I can go back to no-wheat (or rice) for a while after that. I think it helps my asthma, unless it's clearing up just because of the weather. But I'm best off not eating excessive amounts of cakes and cookies, right?



janet / August 30, 2005 12:53 AM

oh fort lee. the koreatown of nj....

those small dishes? pan chan or ban chan or however it translates to american letters ... they're not like appetizers. i mean. they kinda are b/c they arrive before the actual meal. but they're more like sides so you don't have to eat them (all. hehehe) before your entrees. sometimes they're good for contrasting or playing up whatever entree you have. sometimes we eat them to accompany plain rice.

and that's that.

i tried making bibimbap today and it went well except my rice was too squishy. now that's a disappointment, i tell you. oversquashy rice...

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