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really late night snack

For some reason at around 1 AM I found myself wanting to eat something. If you read the last entry (scoll down and read it if you haven't already), I already gave the impression that my stomach had inflated. That's not good. A lot of things shouldn't be inflated, stomachs being one of them (unless you're using it as a raft; I saw inflated goat stomachs in a really old documentary once about a tribe of people who needed them to travel across a river...anyway).

So naturally I ate some more of CAROL'S INSANELY GOOD COOKIES (yes, WHEAT) and some addictive taro fries and a burstingly (burstingly!) juicy pluot. And now I feel like I have to stay up for a long time to digest whatever horrible things are moving around in my intestines right now.

*intestine poke*


And on that note, I must go to Katsuhama, rice and wheat be damned! And when I say I must go, I mean sometime next week before school starts to bury my sorrows in panko-encrusted meat. If you don't like katsu, you're insane (although liking it doesn't make you non-insane). So if Carol/Allen/other "I want to burrow my sorrows in panko-encrusted meat too" people are free, we should...meat. Meet? Meat?

Okay, time to go back to packing my crap.


Allen Wong / August 28, 2005 1:02 PM

Silly Robyn, you know I'm always willing. ;)

School is going to be pretty crap-tacular. I still have no idea how I'm going to balance all the load from my tests and club stuff.

Inflated goat stomachs, eh? It's like an edible raft.


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