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can't sleep, cupcakes will eat me

Cupcake Sudoku is SUCKING MY LIFE AWAY! [via kottke, although I obviously typed in "cupcake" because that's the kind of person I am.]

...actually, I gave up. Because that's also the type of person I am. The smallest bit of pain in my frontal lobe means "STOP, STOPPIT, OW IT HURTS, JESUS." (Yeah, my brain shouts at me. What do you wanna make of it?) I like puzzles but something like sudoku takes guesswork (not that you plot photos randomly, but ...mrrh. MRRH!!!) and I suck at guessing. And non-guessing.

(If anyone cares, my favorite puzzle is Paint By Numbers. There's a Gameboy game and a handheld Tamagotchi game dedicated to it so I guess it's pretty popular in Japan...? I used to be obsessed with Tamagotchis.)

Today I fasted for about 22 hours. It wasn't intentional, rather, that's just how things worked out. ...Because I wasn't very hungry and I didn't have any food, unless you count the wheat crackers my roommate has. After reading about The Amateur Gourmet's 12 Hour Fast, I wondered if it's really weird to fast for 20+ hour stretches. I don't do it a LOT (it's quite apparent if you read this blog) but my mum and brother do it sometimes too. Not because we think, "WE MUST FAST," but because we don't feel like eating or it's not convenient for some reason. A big difference between my mum and brother (as one group) and myself is that while they're rather slim, I'm "average", or fat for an Asian (if I went back to Taiwan I'd stand out because 1) I only speak English and 2) I'm fatter than most of Taiwan). Crap.

Oh well. So how did I break my fast? (Because if I didn't, I'll have fasted for 24 hours by now, which is usually when I start thinking, "Uuhhh foood" and my digestive system punches itself because it's stupid.) CAKE.

some egg cake
some egg cake

AIN'T THAT THE MOST ADORABLE CAKE EVERRR? Diana made me some egg coconut cake for my birthday! It may sound like a somewhat ubiquitous thing to give to someone on her birthday, but to my knowledge Diana has never baked before. I'm sure she has but it's not something she talks about (except for her mum's cooking; her mum did help make the cake, hehe), nor have I ever witnessed the fruits of her labor. So this was EXTRA SPECIAL CAKE.

And it was delicious! Steamed cake (or any steamed wheat-based product) is so nice and soft and smooshy and not crumbly! She took the photo and sent it to me before she came over to initiate the salivation process. Which it did. Our meeting went something like this:

"Here's the cake!"
"OOOOTHANKS!" *munch munch*......"OkayI'mdone."

I guess some more stuff happened, but that's all you need to know. Don't worry, she didn't bring in the ENTIRE cake (she actually made three, as the first two represented various states of "something that kinda resembles edible cake", although I would've eaten those too) so it's not like I actually consumed that much cake.

...I think.

...oh well. So! All I ate today was four cake cubes (and some flax seed oil, *shudders*), but I feel alright. I'll eat real food tomorrow, promise. Oh, and that cake obviously went against my "no wheat" thing, but if someone makes me cake then I can make an exception (this is not an invitation for people to make me desserts, *COUGH*). However, I'm probably going to eat more wheat tomorrow in dumpling skin form (with stuff inside, not just dumpling skins) so let's hope I don't wheeze to death.

My dorm had a new mini-mart-ish food section installed in the front lobby at the end of the last school year, I suppose because there was a demand for it. It sells things like cereal, coffee, some sammiches, milk, maybe ice cream. And I don't know what else. Overall, I'm thinking that I'd have to be really desperate to buy something from there, like "I'm gonna gnaw my arm off now" desperate. The most important thing for me to have is water but I always make sure I have enough.

Not that I'm un-lazy, but sometimes I'm surprised by how lazy people in my dorm are. Once my roommate wanted some basic items to bake something with so she called up a nearby grocery store to see if they'd deliver it. She didn't even want enough items to make the minimum amount required. THE GROCERY STORE IS 5 MINUTES AWAY, if that! It's not like she was sick or in a rush; she just didn't feel like going outside., I guess that's okay. I'd rather go out to get my food, but that's because my dislike for using phones outweighs human contact (as in, I'd rather go somewhere to order and pick up my food than do it over the phone, cos I'm WEIRD).

Robert Sietsema reviews Shanghai Cafe, and now I want DUMPLIIINGS. [via A Full Belly] I went to Shanghai Cafe last month (drool) and really liked it, although I've read so-so (or worse) reviews. Admitting that I don't have high standards, I thought everything we ordered was great and we ate almost all of it despite the risk of "exploding stomach syndrome". (What am I talking about? I shared ice cream with a friend after that.) Now I want to go back and try some of the things Robert mentioned. Like eel. Mmm...eel. TASTY!

Wonder Pizza scares me. But maybe it's good? ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA?


santos. / August 31, 2005 10:06 AM

happy belated birthday! i unfortunately missed your original birthday post somewhere between the packing and the eating.

you would realllly have to be lazy to use that dorm mini-mart.

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