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I'm not a big fan of eggs unless its use is to coat bread, but this egg poaching experiment is interesting, mainly the last one on cooking it in clingfilm. [, I forgot]

Not much is happening in the food world. I just coughed few minutes ago and immediately went into "can't breathe, uhoh" mode. It's almost ended by now but that scares me a bit. I sit while trying not to move for a few moments so breathing can commence again. This kind of thing usually only happens at night, more so when I'm lying down in bed, ready to fall into a state of semi-consciousness.

I walked a few miles in NYC yesterday (under that lovely HOT SWELTERING SUN) and was never close to getting asthma. WEE. I passed a bunch of foiod places that I didn't eat anything at:

Cupcake Cafe
Cupcake Cafe
Big Booty Bread Co
Big Booty Bread Co
Shake Shack
Shake Shack
The Bread Factory Cafe
Bread Factory Cafe

Oh lordy, I'm hacking up all kinds of weird stuff from my...lungs? I guess I need to lay off crap food.


Carol / July 12, 2005 10:28 AM

o no! Honey water! Hisbiscus tea! Hot beverages! NOW!

*on side note*
oo...bread factory cafe~ :)

Allen Wong / July 14, 2005 12:22 AM

Woah. Too many ways to poach eggs. Head hurting. The clingfilm looks cool, but I'd just end up with egg everywhere.

I'm no bio-med major, but not breathing doesn't seem too healthy.

Not much is happening in the food world for me either. In fact, I've been too busy with volunteer work, and studying for 3 upcoming exams to do anything. I need to update... Too bad my pictures are in the process of hopefully being recovered.

I wouldn't walk around in 90 degree weather. I prefer my pasty complexion.

Lori / July 15, 2005 4:34 AM


I yearn to go back to New York to see the things that I'm staring at on my monitor. You take great pictures! What I wouldn't do to go to places with names like Cupcake Cafe and Bread Factory. Ah!


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