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curry + ice cream + food (no, really?)

I had no idea that chicken parmagiana was standard pub fare in Australia. [via boing boing] I used to eat chicken (or veal...yeah, poor cute little cows, oh crap) parm ALL THE TIME when I was little. It was my favorite meal when my family went out for Italian food, which was a lot, probably part of the reason I don't like Italian food that much anymore.

But I could go for some chicken parma.

chicken katsu curry
chicken katsu curry

I had my own version of breaded chicken yesterday at Tokyo La Men on University Place near Union Square. I can't find much information about this restaurant online but I passed it a gazillion times, intrigued by the name, which has to do with their noodles dishes. I didn't feel like getting noodles (which means I'll have to go back and try it, bwahaha) but I'm always hungry for Japanese curry, which isn't something i see very often in Japanese restaurants. Tokyo La Men has a large menu, including a wide array of noodle soups, rice dishes, sushi, and some Korean dishes.

And I went for CURRY! Comfort food, I guess. I finished all the meat but as much as I wanted to, I coiuldn't eat all the rice and curry without doing some damage to my stomach or triggering my gag reflex. I wish there had also been some pickled vegetables with the curry but not for any good reason besides that I'm used to pickle vegetables coming with curry.

I dragged two friends with me who didn't object to my Japanese food craving before heading to a Royksopp concert. CJ got seafood curry on noodles and JD got teriyaki chicken.

chicken teriyaki
chicken teriyaki

We all went "holy crap" at the sight of his dish. I guess spreading it out on a huge plate makes it look like more than it actually is, but it was a good amount of food. We were all kinda "uugh, stomach full of tasty food, can't get out of seat" when we were done and maybe 10 minutes later after walking a bit, we all felt fine.

ICE CREAM MAN! ...boy, did that come out of nowhere? I think I've only mentioned the site on my music blog but hello, ice cream! Food. I don't eat much ice cream, but I could go for some right now. I have to admit that I feel a twinge of something (inner child?) every time I pass an ice cream truck in NYC (which feels like every four blocks). At home in NJ I sometimes hear ice cream trucks, which feels somewhat creepy because of the dinkly song they play that gradually Doppler effects (I verbalized it...and I just verbalized "verb") in and out of tune.

Check out the write up on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Premier with insane photos that almost drive me to seizure with candy-induced glee. YOU SEE ALL THAT CANDY? I don't know whether to cry or...or. Well. Cry. I don't think I could ever go to something as visually stimulating food-wise as that event or else I'd explode from eating too much candy. That's like a hallucinogenic version of the Chocolate Festival, intensified by 10000 lumens and put on the highest level of saturation.

The world needs more ice cream men! Or people!


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