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happy pancaking + deathy

I think I'm dying. I was hacking up some mucus a while ago, Well. I'm not very healthy. It's not surprising considering the crap I eat.

But man, is that crap yummy or what?

...yes, I need to change my ways. I was planning to eat at the Shake Shack on Monday before class but I don't think I can. I mean, I need to start somewhere so I think at the very least next week should be "no eating out" week. Perhaps it should extend to more than a week. And I need to phase out the baked goods, maybe after I finish the ones Carol made me. :)

I know exercise is important, but from my experience, the biggest source of my health problems has been diet. I have yet to feel much impact from doing (or not doing) exercise. I'd almost rather eat nothing than something to replace my wheaty mucus-producing friends.


Oh. Bother.

I had French toast for dinner three nights in a row. Good stuff. That's not really the root of my problems.

Having asthma if I "need" to have it isn't really such a bad thing, but I don't understand why I don't get it in NYC. Two days ago my asthma was worse than usual, which I thought was due to the humid and rainy weather. It rained yesterday in NYC but that didn't do anything to me, besides make me a little wet. ...I'm just saying random stuff, by the way. It's past 3 AM and I'm kind of surprised that my head hasn't flumped onto my keyboard yet.

pancake side view

Pancake. I had a pancake. A giant pancake from Quantum Leap. I should give some backstory but this whole entry is kind of jumbled. REALLY QUICK BACKSTORY: yesterday I met up with dear friends from middle school, Karen and Carol. We were all good friends but Karen and Carol hadn't seen each other in ages and I hadn't seen Karen in a while either. It was exciting. I was happy. WE'RE HAPPY PEOPLE!

So back to the food. On the menupages page, someone wrote "The waitresses on Saturday and Sunday are the nicest people on the planet", which I agree with. Or at least the one waitress that I've had, who is very cute and funny. There were six of us: (I wouldn't be surprised if I got some names wrong but...*breathes in*) Carol Karen, me, Karen's friends Rachel and Tyler, and Tyler's friend, whose name I can't remember and I won't attempt to mess up because that would be sad (seriously, why can't I remember?). Carol, Karen and I got pancakes while everyone else got something non-pancake. The table was literally divided between pancake and non-pancake as Carol, Karen and I were sitting on one side of the table. ;)

I don't know why I never hear about Quantum Leap; the food's good! Sadly, I couldn't finish my "Grand Canyon" pancake but I enjoyed it. It may have had too much jam but if it didn't already have jam splodged on it, I would've poured on maple syrup. Carol said she really liked her banana pecan pancakes and I think Karen liked her pancakes, judging from the amount of pancake left on her plate when she was done (not much). I think everyone else liked their food too.

chocolate painting
chocolate demo

Before eating lunch, Karen, Carol, Rachel and I went to Jacques Torres' chocolate demo (thanks to Janet for the tip). We didn't know that the 1 TRAIN WOULD SUCK SO MUCH (the downtown train skipped the stop we wanted to get off at, and then some) so we were kind of late, but we still got to see most of it, except for Carol who came in later and had the same subway problem (grr). Jacques talked about tempering chocolate, how to make a chocolate box, a chocolate frame, and how to paint chocolate. And maybe other stuff. I was mainly thinking, "Ooh...chocolate," and oogling the free samples of bark being passed out (there were lots of em). I had never seen so many people in the store before. Hopefully they did very good business. :) I noticed that they had more baked goods (beyond those sinfully delicious cookies) but I didn't try any. I'll save that for NEXT TIME!

Mega-fast forwarding, Carol and I split from the group and went to her dorm on the Upper West Side for some fooding (naturally!). Laid back for a bit eating cake, then went out for MORE CAKE-ISH THINGS!

cookies and things
don't worry, I didn't eat these

We went to the nearby Hungarian Pastry Shop, a spacious but also cozy feeling bakery/cafe featuring HUNGARIAN PASTRIES, which is a whole line of pastries that I'm unfamiliar with. We shared a ginormous baklava and cherry strudel for pseudo-dinner (skip the entree and go straight to dessert!) and we were very satisfied with our resulting increased blood sugar levels. :) Carol almost tea-ed herself to death ("death by tea sloshing") but I felt fine and comfortably phyllo pastry-ed (yes, I'm turning foods into verbs).

God, I'm tired.

To wrap things up, when I got home I ate some of a delicious cake + glutinous rice + red bean cake thing that Carol made for me (about a bucketfull of it...that she made, not that I ate), cherries, a bit of the other Hungarian pastry Carol got, and some potato chips. Yeah, potato chips. Not really a good idea but I think I was getting a little tired of all the sweet food. If the potato chips weren't there, I wouldn't have eaten any non-sweet food though. Meh.

The loveliness of my day isn't well illustrated in this entry but...must...sleep. Sleepage. Is good. Better than food at this very moment in time. Oh yes, I have to remember to clean up my diet. Right.


LaserLiza / May 8, 2009 7:13 PM

A couple weeks ago my family was on vacation in NYC and we went to the Hungarian Pastry Shop. And according to my dad, who went to college a block away 30 years ago... EVERYTHING, DOWN TO THE BATHROOM GRAFFITI, IS THE SAME! Is that place stuck in some kind of strange time warp or what?

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