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homecooked meal

Does French toast count as a homecooked meal? I guess if I made the bread that would make it more so, but..nope. My mum bought a loaf of sourdough bread from Market Basket and I bought a loaf of challah bread from Zaro's Bread Basket (not knowing that my mum had bought a loaf of bread). Challah is definitely THE bread for deliciously soft squishtastic French toast, but for eating plain I don't like it as much. It's very good at soaking up buckets of milk + egg goodness though. Mm...spoooonge.

I almost didn't eat lunch. Until. Corinne presented me with a plate of three thirds from three tarts from Once Upon a Tart reconstructed to look like one super tart, with layers of fruit atop a golden butter crust...oh lordy. I gave in, of course. Moments before, she had asked me if I wanted lunch and I said no (after a prolonged "ummm") so the way to get me to eat is to bring me food while I'm at my 'puter. (It's too easy to get me to eat, which is one of the reasons I like going to her place; I can prevent myself from eating! Wee! Seriously, I'm getting fat. My intestines do NOT love me, that's for sure. I'll look like I'm preggers soon.)


Oh, the tarts. SO GOOD! The crust. SO GOOD! (My English. NOT SO GOOD.) The first bit that I ate was a piece of crust that had broken off and it was just...better than most crusts. My favorite of the three (peach, apricot, and plum) was the peach but that's just because I like peaches more than apricots and plums. THEY WERE ALL GOOD. I had actually been to Once Upon a Tart twice before without getting ANYTHING because 1) I couldn't decide and 2) I didn't think I liked tarts that much. But I dooo. Cake and bread still rule over tarts but tarts are damn good.

Boy, is my diet unbalanced or what? Besides French toast for dinner, I also had some veggies (my mum cooked onions and romaine lettuce) and an orange. I could go for another orange.

And now for the non-eating portion of this entry (because that happens sometimes!).

Losing Weight = Gaining Wealth? Hm. If I dropped 10 BMI I'd probably be dead, but I could stand to lose ...5. I remember filling out a survey at the beginning of the year comparing how I was at the time to a year ago and while I'm fatter this year than last year, I'm happier. Not so much because I'm fatter--god knows I'd rather weigh what I did a year ago--but I guess it told me at least that being slimmer didn't really make me happier (and being richer may not make you happier either, but $11k ain't bad). Then again, it only lasted 1.5 years. And for the next topic...

Raw Food Real World Launch Party: There's a new raw food book. My mum and I used to have LOADS of raw food books and just like our regular cooked food recipe books, we didn't actually use them. Something I liked about raw food was the simplicity of it; to me, it's the lazyman's diet. I was also under the impression that with raw food you should eat really simply. Most of my meals (in college) were plain ol' apples and bananas, peaches too if I were lucky, salad if I were bored, and way too many nuts and seeds. Not really a good idea, I might add. However, I did lose a lot of weight (all since gained back) so if that's what you want, raw food is pretty good. Unless you're like me and used it as an excuse to have very little human interaction, in which case it is kind of bad.


Roger / July 8, 2005 11:42 AM

Enjoy your blog (the music one too) - very informative, indeed, on all matters relating to pastries, cakes, noodles, dumplings etc. in and around NYC :)

Speaking of tarts, have you ever tried Musette's very French (butter!!!) and authentic versions on 3Ave and 19th St? IMHO Musette is an under-represented gem. They also have GREAT croissants (airy and buttery) and bread puddings.

I'd be very curious to know what you think of it....

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