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mm...French toast

I just ate an apple.


Today after leaving Corinne's place, I went to the too-close-by Sullivan Street Bakery to pick up a loaf of sourdough bread for $4. They give you one freakin' huge loaf of bread for $4. My only problem was not knowing what kind of oil they used on it (they don't list it on the website). If I really wanted to know I guess I could ask, but maybe I don't really want to know.

I ate one of the end crusts while waiting for the bus to go home and ate some more once I got to NJ and my mum and I went to the Container Store. (To answer my brother's question as to what I got at the container store: a container.) Even though the loaf felt rock-hard at first, the crust was nice and chewy (along with being flavored with FAAAT) and the inside was soft and just slightly sour. I gave my mum chunks of the inside while I ate the crust. Good thing our oppositional bread eating habits are compatible.

For dinner, we each ate two thick slices of French toast. I don't really use a recipe for French toast: two eggs, some milk, some vanilla extract that I couldn't taste (I guess I needed more). Two eggs wasn't enough for the slices we cut, but it's a matter of trial an error. After making French toast 10 more times I'll hopefully have the measurements (eyeballed, that is) down. Pan-fried in ghee (my mum's prefers it to regular butter) and spread with raw honey after its done, I can't think of many other dinners that I'd enjoy as much but not feel overly guilty about. I mean, it's bread, egg, butter, and honey. Could be worse, right? (Just agree with me.)

Besidse the French toast and excessive amounts of bread, I also ate two oranges, an apple, and some chocolate (a really small piece). And that was pretty much all one meal, beside sthe apple which was more like a midnight snack. Doh.


  • Zankou Chicken review: BEEECK! Beck eatery! Er. You know..."Like a fruit that's ripe for the picking / I wouldn't do you like that Zankou Chicken." Okay, maybe not. I like Beck so I thought that review was rather cool. Too bad the food wasn't as cool.
  • Why Keep Soda In Schools?: Oh god, you're joking me, right (the stuff in bold, that is)? "Children Need to Learn How to Choose" is such a lame excuse; you could say the same about having crappy cereal and snack commercials on TV for kids...oh, but you know what, KIDS SHOULDN'T CHOOSE THOSE THINGS. "Parents are Really the Problem" is also stupid. I didn't have soda in the house growing up but if I could get it in school, I would. I'd also get it in restaurants. Thank GOD I didn't have soda at home also, and looking back I really wish I had drank less of it. I guess at the very least it's good that I haven't drank it in a few years.
  • Candy Critics Workshop: OH CRAP, why can't I pass as a 12 year old?! Or could I? I bet I'm shorter than a bunch of 12 year olds, but even I couldn't pass. (I think I've grown an inch in the past 7 years, if that.) Oh...bother. And it's limited to 8 students! I hope those 8 students are really into candy. [from cakehead]


janet / July 7, 2005 12:33 PM

Wonder if you caught this in the Times. There can only be good from this. Me, I'm shaking my fist at New Jersey and visiting the mom just a little bit. She does not know how to make chocolate.

Jacques Torres of Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven will demonstrate chocolate-making on Saturday from 11 to 11:30 a.m. at the store, 350 Hudson Street (King Street). Free samples will be given.

Meghan / July 8, 2005 12:47 AM

You are the only person I have ever (virtually) met who loves the Sullivan Street Bakery pizza bianca as much as I do. Truly, if someone asked me to choose just one food item to take with me to a deserted island, pizza bianca would be my answer. The salt, the crunch, the total perfection. I'm drooling.

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