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The new livejournal community Cookumentary is perfect for someone like me who barely knows how to cook.

For dinner I cooked red swiss chard and red onions, resulting in a lot of veggies swimming around in red pigment. I don't mind cooking the same way every day (sautee, splodge on some seasoning, eat), but it's rather unadventurous.

And I ate too much today. Many coffee candies were dissolved. I ate one miniature Kit Kat, and I think two mini stroopwafels. I have no idea how many sugar plums I adte, but they're the size of bloated cherries (each one is probably like eating two cherries) so I'd say around 10. I ate a peach that while soft, sadly din't have much flavor. Somewhat randomly, I shared a cannoli with my mum, which we got from a cart at the Ridgewood Farmer's Market that mainly sells mozzerella. Neither of us are big fans of Italian food/pastries (she LOVES tiramisu, though) but the cannoli was worth trying. I wouldn't choose it over cake, or muffins, or scones, or cookies, but ye's good.

Oh, I also bought a hamantashen from the farmer's market. I LOVE HAMANTASHEN! LOVE LOVE! SO GOOD! I love poppy seed! More things need poppy seed! The one I bought didn't have orange juice in it, the kind which I prefer, but it was still oh so delicious. I know it's not really a cookie but I CALL IT A COOKIE, thus it is one of my favorite cookies.

Oh. So. For lunch I had a lot of bread with olive oil, some sugar plums, and a slice of bread with muenster cheese. It's my favorite melty cheese and I haven't eaten it in maybe more than 10 years (honestly, I have no idea). I used to eat it semi-frequently as a kid (keep in mind I didn't eat much cheese overall) and it's one of those things that still tastes good. For something that doens't taste as good, I used to eat scrambled egg sandwiches nearly every day when I was in grade school. Eh. (It was really easy for my mum to pack for me, I guess.) I'm sad to find out that American muenster cheese is the poop; yup, it's super bland. It has some taste, of course, but I'm not surprised that it's supposed to have more. To do: eat real muenster cheese.

At around 11 PM I felt like getting a snack for some reason. ALERT: LATE NIGHT SNACKS ARE VERY BAD. Was I hungry? Am I ever? Nope, wasn't hungry, just kind of hobbled down to the kitchen and ended up eating some potato chips my brother got from Whole Foods (note: Satan's grocery store is completely filled with potato chips) and another slice of toast and muenster cheese. And the aforementioned peach.

Lordy. I better walk off some of this tomorrow. :| I must seriously be gaining lots of weight; my attempts to lose weight have been futile, considering how I haven't really been trying. Every time I think I can, a new fun fooding thing comes along. I had no excuse for eating so much today though.


angeline / July 26, 2005 3:39 AM

hello! i enjoy reading your blog - it's entertaining! i absolutely love the way you describe the food you eat/restaurants you try. and the pictures you post are gorgeous!

i myself love to eat but i don't know how to cook at all! more of a gourmand than anything else, hahaha! oh, i just love food. too bad the food/restaurants/food shops you usually feature are not available here in manila. by the by, if ever i get the chance to visit the US/NY i'll definitely try to get my hands, er mouth, on all the glorious food you've written about.

good luck on your blogging. you're doing great! keep 'em all coming!

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