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sample NYC food itinerary

I think I'll start making up a Be Rachel Ray For a Day $40 eating itinerary in NYC. I don't think I'll actually use $40 since that would probably make people explode. But. Hmmmm. I'm calling my food itinerary, "for the person who isn't allergic to anything, likes Asian food, baked goods, sweets, and can eat lots of sugar without resembling a jackhammer or feeling nauseous." It's a long title, I know. It doesn't include many drinks (probably just one) since I don't drink much besides water. SO. Water is not included; bring your own bottle.

Do people really need to eat three meals a day? I can do with one but I guess I eat something like FIVE, especially with all the coffe candies I've been eating lately (craploads). But if you NEED breakfast, I'd suggest starting off at Sullivan Street Bakery and dropping a whole 100 pennies on a slice of pizza bianca. If you like bread, this could be one of the yummiest things you will ever eat, EVER, HOLY MOLY YES.

pizza bianca
pizza bianca

Okay, you're kind of stuffed now. Walk around in Soho (assuming you went to the Soho Sullivan Street Bakery) and when it gets near lunch time, get a #1 bahn mi from Bahn Mi So 1 on Broom Street for $3. It's quite colorful inside:

inside the bahn mi
inside the bahn mi

That should be enough for lunch. Actually, you should still be hungry because it's TIME FOR SWEEETS!

Go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine and get...something. I haven't figured out what yet. Cupcakes would be a natural choice, but there's always piggy pudding.

piggy pudding
piggy pudding loves you, hates your waistline

I don't know if they always have it, but let's assume they do. Eat $3.25 worth of pudding and cream and shorbread cookie. YOU LOVE IT.

You're full now! naturally, you'll eat more food. Yeah. For the purposes of this itinerary, you should walk everywhere so you can burn calories and maybe build up your appetite. I don't know how long exactly it'll take you to do all this walking, but it's do-able. I might have things in the wrong order though.

You like chocolate, right? Of course you do. Get a chocolate mudslide cookie from Jacques Torres for $2.50 and risk falling into a chocolate coma.

best chocolate cookie ever
best chocolate cookie every

Curren expenditure is $9.75. Hm. Well, you're gonna spend at least $10 on dinner. That still leaves another $20 to play around with. (rubs chin)...I'll have think about this. Definitely go to the Golden Dragon Boat Cafe and Bakery (on Bowery a little north of Canal Street) and get a mexican style bun filled with...something. It doesn't matter cos it's ALL GOOD! Here's a sweet potato one:

I ate the bun
sweet tater filling

It'll set you back $0.80. You might want to buy a few and save some for later. I remember that they also have coconut, custard, and green tea fillings.

After dinner, which I haven't figured out yet, go to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and get a scoop ($2.75) of something. DON'T GET A BORING FLAVOR THAT YOU CAN GET ANYWHERE ELSE! COS THAT'S BORING! I haven't tried a lot of the flavors but ginger and coconut are good. Taro isn't taro-ee enough. Pumpkin and black sesame are great too. If you want, you can afford to buy two scoops but...aren't you comatose yet?

Oh, I forgot about one drink you may as well try: BUBBLE TEA! Yum. It's okay but I think I've gotten tired of drinking it already. If you don't mind alternating between chewing on balls of tapioca and drinking something, then try a bubble tea. I don't know what's the best place but Green Tea Cafe on Mott Street makes a good taro bubble tea that isn't too sweet and TASTES LIKE TARO. I think it's around $3.50 but I'm not sure.

let's chew!

So minus dinner, you've spent $16.80. I think. I may not have all the correct prices but know, maybe you should skip dinner and just eat more cake. Hey, I'd do it (hell, I've done it).


Okay, I can't imagine that anyone has room for dinner but if you want it, go to the Shanghai Cafe and get...dumplings!

the table isn't full yet
the table isn't full yet

Okay, maybe you need a little more guidance. I'd get "Steamed Tiny Buns with Pork" ($4.25) and "Sticky Rice In Bamboo Trunk" ($2.95). It's unlike you could finish those dishes but you can at least try them.

End cost: $24. You cannot eat all this food, or at least I hope you can't. Also, it's far from balanced in any shape or form. I'm just telling you what I'd like to eat. :)


Allen Wong / July 25, 2005 1:17 PM

Let's chew some bubbles!

I don't know about you, but I just take some bubble tea and that sweet potato bun. That'd be lunch already.

Yes, I will definitely check out Sullivan Street Bakery. I missed it last week. Let's be honest, how many people would you have to bring to eat all of that? >.>


Carol / July 25, 2005 1:33 PM

i'm officially addicted to sullivan's. Go there every week. Sometimes twice. Always get their pizza bianca, walnut raisin roll, and i try out something new (or he slips it in my bag). Amazing.

think u should start a show...CARBOHOLICS 101 on food network. Hee. Hee. hee.

lia / July 25, 2005 3:35 PM

Quickly is by far the best, but Green Tea Cafe is okay, much much better than Ten Ren. Saint Alp's is okay too.

Astrid / July 25, 2005 5:34 PM

Nice tour!

I can't tell you how many times I've had Sullivan Street Bakery's pizza recommended to me. I've tried it... and yet I didn't love it. It was bland, in my opinion. Why do you love it?

saffron / July 25, 2005 9:41 PM

aaah i lime this post very much because it includes some of my favourites; nyc and bahn mi!

I've also changed domains so hope to see you there!

faith / July 26, 2005 2:15 PM

i was just thinking that i could possibly spend that much money on small inexpensive foods when i realised that your money's in US $$ ... *gasp* your fooding must be awful to finance! surprisingly though the total amount of food you eat doesn't seem to be that much... and btw, i love bubble tea! you should try honey milk tea, green apple green tea, or passionfruit red tea. they rock.

Rachael Ray / August 23, 2005 6:55 PM

Hi Sweetie
Rachey-poos here
love your ideas
You aren't going to mind if I 'brrow' them, huh?
Hang on, sorry, I just need to make a call to my producer.


xx Rachael xx

sam / August 25, 2005 2:10 AM

Hi Robyn
Thank you for taking part in this Dine & Dish.
I am so up for some of these things when I visit NYC next year.


sarah / August 29, 2005 7:23 PM

hello hello robyn! sarah here (the delicious life) just cruising through all the dine and dish number 4 entries! thanks so much for coming out to play in the dine and dish party! hopefully we'll see you at the next one, too!

Lena / October 1, 2005 3:38 PM

this is one of the most hilarious food posts i've read in a long time. how anyone would manage to get all that yummy food down is a mystery. i've never tried bubble tea but plan to.

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