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the music (and politics) of food

I ate some food yesterday. But...maybe I'll talk about that later today.

Electronic musician Matthew Herbert brings up food and politics through his newest album, Plat du Jour (via boingboing, related Guardian article).

This is the most interesting music project I've ever heard of...and I mean that in relation to my interests. Overall, I'm sure there are more interesting things but I think Herbert is doing an amazing thing. I've listened to his music before and wasn't very into it but without haven't heard any of the tracks, I've already been won over by the making of the album. Read all 5 pages (navigation is at the bottom of the page) to find out what was involved in making the songs and factual reasoning behind song lengths and beats-per-minutes. "NIGELLA, GEORGE, TONY AND ME" is just...funny:

we recreated the meal that nigella lawson cooked for george bush when he came to britain to thank tony blair for his support during the iraq during the meal the wives ate separately. then we drove over the meal with a chieftan mk 10 battle tank from the mid-late sixties

The website has a great list of books to read, some of which are only available in the UK, but sound interesting enough that I might buy them. I'd love to read EVERYTHING on this page. Sadly, I've only read three of the books, or more like two and a half. I started reading "Food Politics" in 12th grade (two years ago) but I never finished it for some reason. It's an interesting book, just very fact-heavy. Another book I think that could fit on that list is Diet for a New America by John Robbins. The Food Revolution is also great. John Robbins is especially interesting because as the only heir to Baskin-Robbins, he refused to have any part in the company after witnessing the ill-health of his family (due to all that ice cream, I guess).

On that note, I've been interested in trying Baskin-Robbins, a place I've been to maybe three times in my life, after seeing anzyAprico's mango tango parfait.


Obviously, I'm not on a crusade to eat the best food possible and rid the world of evil agribusiness and expose all the problems with the food industry. I'm interested in those things, but you've seen what I eat; it may not be McDonalds, but there's a lot of crap. I don't eat as much local food as I could. I don't monitor my eating habits as well as I could. One of the reasons I did the raw food diet was so by cutting most foods out of my diet, I wouldn't support ginormous food companies plus other...bad things. However, I'm kind of addicted to wheat now, so that's not going to work.

Be as mindful of your food choices as you can bear/afford to without going mentally insane or broke. Is that reasonable? :)

I have a bit of fooding ahead of me in the next 7 days. Ahhh. I did rather well yesterday, not totally pigging out, but I didn't eat healthily. Lunch was a peach, a few pieces of my brother's penne pasta that he didn't want to finish, and one of those YUMMY COFFEE CANDIES. I had a dulce de leche bun from Big Booty Bakery as a snack. Dinner (at around 11:30 PM, ugh) was...cherries, half of a hunk of Big Booty Bakery bread pudding, half a chocolate cherry bread roll from Amy's Bread and a wedge of Irish soda bread (not really my thing, I found out), also from Amy's Bread. I have to say, I haven't been terribly into the bread at Amy's Bread so far, but I've never bought a loaf of anything (just rolls and twists).

NYC was hot and humid, like being in someone's lung. I think I walked around 4 miles, feeling the sweat dripping down my back (and other...areas with skin) while smelling the ominous sour stench of garbage. For a while, I was also smelling urine. WOW.

Despite that, I still love NYC.

...hate Times Square though. I love how everything goes kind of dead as soon as you hit 9th Avenue. 8th = "get out of my freakin' way", 9th = "Oo, I can breathe!" (Except you might be breathing garbage-y air.)

Oh well, more about yesterday later today. It's almost 5 AM.


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