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the pancakes are coming

"Did these plates get smaller?" asked CJ as his pancakes hovered over the edge of the plate. Because they're so freakin' HUGE, for the love of god.

"I think the pancakes may have gotten larger, if that's even possible." They seriously looked like they had grown. Seriously. Look at this:

pancake pile
pancake pile

Actually, that doesn't really show you how large the pancakes were, just how nicely they stack up. And that they do. What also stacks up nicely is the French toast.

French toast + bananas
French toast + bananas

I was going to get pancakes and was all set on a choice after staring at the menu long enough to have memorized it when CJ said he kind of wanted French toast. Hmmm...I've never tried the Country Pancake House's French toast before. Bwahaha. Their French toast may be even better than their pancakes. They give you seemingly half a loaf of bread in the form of three super-thick fluffy, soft, sweet eggy (flufsosweggy?...okay, no) slices of egg-dunk toast, which in my case was topped with confectioners sugar, almond slivers, and 2 (or more) bananas.

Oooh. Oooooooooooooo. Mmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmm...French toast. So. Good. I'm not sure how to convey the joy that comes with shoving a huge piece of maple syrup-dunked French toast into your mouth, but it's quite good and involves lots of smiles and "mm"-like sound effects. I could have easily finished the three slices but I wanted to save some for later. CJ's apple cinnamon pancakes were also delicious (I traded a slice of my toast for one of his pancakes that was roughly the diameter of Jupiter) but next time I go (which might be next week for all I know; CJ and I may haev stumbled upon a weekly routine) I'm gonna get me some French toast. We decided that our food wasn't the most unhealthy in the world since there was a lot of fruit. Yup. *cough*

It might just be me, but I've decided that leftover refrigerated pancakes taste better than fresh warm fluffy ones. Of course, the fresh warm ones are great but they're more satisfying to me after they've toughened a bit.

I ate a somewhat sucky lunch today, nutritionally: one orange, some honey, some sesame seeds, and a bunch of potato chips that MY BROTHER BOUGHT AND I HATE HIM FOR THAT. It's not his fault that I eat his chips, but I tell myself it is so I have someone to focus my anger on. It's all my fault of course, and the lack of willpower. (sigh) I really have to learn how to eat more sensibly. Today I'm going to NYC and I really want to go to the Union Square Greenmarket for some bread (yup, how's that for green?) but I know I shouldn't or else I'll easily eat a 1 lb loaf. And. I shouldn't do that. Hell, NO one should do that. Hopefully I'll realize what a bad idea that is and instead of going to Union Square I'll just take my 1.5-ish mile stroll to class.


saffron / June 20, 2005 10:58 PM

Oh, those pancakes and french toast looked so good I made some for brekkie. Except mine were not as stack happy as yours.

It's so cute that you have a pancake partner! Totally.

Naomi / June 21, 2005 3:58 AM

PANCAKES AND FRENCH TOAST ... *drool* ...looks really good. hahah, it's healthy indeed with all those bananas and HDL-raising almonds.
Here in Hawaii, there's this really good Portugese sweet bread (super fluffy sweet bread) french toast. And, I even heard there exists a haupia (coconut pudding)-stuffed sweet bread french toast...! Must try. at least if it's for breakfast, I have the rest of the day to run a couple hundred miles to burn it off! (or at least think about doing so ;-))

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