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mmm, candy

Big Tips Candy gives you 15 old timey American candy (primarily chocolate bars) all in once box. So you can eat them all. At once. Or that's what I would do. [from a full belly]

All this candy can be yours for $20. You can also get some of this stuff from Economy Candy, a store that has...well, look at it:

more candy
Gosh, do you see any candy?

Apparently, I tried some of the stuff from the Big Tips Candy Collection from my first visit there:

Sugar coma, commencing in 3, 2, 1...

The Mallo Cup was interesting, Goo Goo Cluster was yummy too. My favorite was probably the Yorkie though. I don't think I'm a huge fan of peanuts and marshmallow concoctions, but gooey peanuty cavity-causing foods are always yummy.

And SWEET JESUS, a blog about candy! [from wesley's girl] I shouldn't read this. But. I am. GOD DAMMIT!


anna17 / June 20, 2005 5:23 PM

I tried posting on your other blog and it didn't work. Darn it. This better work, or I'll skewer you with something just because I like the word! Haha!

Hey, guess what I just discovered!?! I mean, I haven't experienced them yet but...the Dallas World Aquarium has warm weather penguins! Have you even heard of such a thing? I hadn't. But I suppose you're a greater penguin aficionado than me. And Margaret (my roommate) and I are going on a dessert tour soon. Like bar hopping. Only with desserts. And we'll be drunk on calories! Hurrah! And all those things made me think of you. Happy summer :)

I think you should visit Dallas, though. If only so I could see you eat a steak. That'd be weird.

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