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so much food, WHY?

"What diet are you on today?"


I didn't really say that (although it's not that far off from how I normally speak in semi-caveman tongue), but Mary did half-jokingly ask me what diet I was on. My "diet" for the past month was not eating wheat, but since I ate the oobanyaki and today was "the day of massive fooding", I figured eating wheat wouldn't hurt. To put things in perspective, I don't drink alcohol, coffee, or soda, don't smoke, don't take drugs, and don't do anything massively unhealthy besides sitting on my butt most of the time while surfing the Internet and letting my brain cells die off while developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mary, Victor and I met up for lunch at Lemongrass Grill in Greenwich Village (which has recently moved from University Place to 13th Street to merge with a Japanese restaurant). I was kind of the "surprise guest" since Victor was originally planning to meet Mary alone; when I told my mum this, she said, "You were probably the third wheel." Wow, mum, nice way to make me feel like a pile of poo. But... back to the story.

Thai lunch box
Thai lunch box

My lunch was really good. Oh. Yes. I would order broad rice noods (not noodles,'s Robyn-speak) again but they have a bunch of choices that come with either beef, chicken, or tofu. I'd do the permutation but I stopped doing math as soon as high school ended. I don't know what dressing they used on the salad but it was deeeelicious. No complaints here, except that I got white rice even though I asked for brown rice. Ah, whatever.

I've been wanting to go to Jacque Torres Chocolate Haven ever since it opened but for some reason I could never drag myself over there (for no good reason, I tend to avoid the west side of Manhattan). Victor expressed much interest in getting chocolat and Mary had never been there; methinks it's time for a CHOCOLATE HUNT.

inside the chocolate haven
inside the chocolate haven

"Oh my god, it smells like chocolate."

"The smell of chocolate hit us as soon as we stepped inside the door. Oh. Lordy. Lordy...god god...chocs galore...OHMYGOD.

Yeah, we liked it. I was probably a little too excited as I was almost drooling on the glass panel over the main counter (glass panels are good for food sanitation, folks!) but COME ON! They were making stuff! Right there! Over there! And there. AND THEY HAD FREE COOKIE SAMPLES! And lots of cute chairs! And PILES of chocolate bark! And shelves of chocolate bars and various chocolate covered goodies! One of the most amazing things about this place is that it's pretty inexpensive, at least not as much as I though it would be.

What does 1 kg of chocolate look like?
What does 1 kg of chocolate look like?

Thus, that is why Victor bought this 1 kg brick of chocolate for $24. $24! I'll have to ask him how it tastes, but I'm sure it's good. I didn't believe him at first when he said he was going to buy it, but I'm glad it was my fault he did. [cue evil laughter] For the rest of the day he revelled in the fact that he was carrying around 1 kg of chocolate.

best chocolate cookie ever
best chocolate cookie ever

Cookies. One of my favorite food groups is that which contains cookies (IT'S A FOOD GROUP, DON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE) and the woman behind the counter suggested their dark chocolate cookie with walnuts. I've never had such a chocolate laden cookie before in my life; if it had any more chocolate, it would actually just be chocolate. I'm exaggerating a little bit but for a cookie it had an abnormally high percentage of chocolate (what the world needs is more abnormally high percentages of chocolate). Mary described it as being two cookies mashed into one, comprised of 3/2 chocolate and 1/2 cookie.

Mary had to go back to work so we headed down to Water Street to see her off. I figured this was a prime opportunity to finally visit Financier, a place I had lived a short walk from all school year yet NEVER went to during opening hours, only to find that it had closed early due to a private function. TODAY ONLY. WOW, what luck I've got. I suppose it was for the best since by that time I had probably consumed roughly 5000 calories, but I was slightly dejected.

Victor and I went to Chinatown since in my mind, the more I walk, the more reason I have to replenish the meager number of calories I burned by eating even more. I was craving some kind of drink so we shared a red bean shake from Green Tea on Mott Street. We both thought it was good but had a funny taste we couldn't recognize. Victor never had red bean before but I didn't even know what it was--something reminded me of chalk and I sure hope it wasn't chalk.

I have more to say, but I'm tired. SHALL RETURN. LATER.


janet / June 17, 2005 11:04 AM

omg jacques makes cookies?!?!? we're on a first-name basis, jacques et moi. dah why can't he have a kitchen like in my apartment.

john / June 19, 2005 11:57 PM

yes, the cookies are just as you described probably 10x as delicious. when i went i saw jacques making them himself! then we had eye contact and he smiled at me!

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