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food blog panel

radioactive cake
radioactive cake

The above photo has nothing to do with the food blog panel last night, but I wanted to stick it in because I CAN. It looks like Western Union is honing in on the Chinese population by utilizing radioactive cake. Or something. I really don't understand this ad. If you know Chinese, feel free to enlighten me.

Of course, I enjoyed the food blog panel last night because 1) I like food and 2) I like blogs. Amy accompanied me because she actually wanted to, ie, I didn't have to force her. Thanks, Amy! ;) We sat in the front row because we're short. Yes. That's the reason, not because we're nerds. [cough hack COUGH] ...oh, okay, we're nerds.

I didn't take photos because I didn't feel like whipping out my camera (while being right in front; it ain't a concert, you know) and obviously, someone else was going to do it. The panelists were Adam Kuban, Alaina Browne, and Josh Friedland, moderated by Andrea Strong. I've been reading all their blogs for a while now, except (funnily, perhaps) Andrea's. And I just subscribed to hers. ...I really need to start unsubscribing to some blogs.

So what was the panel about? Um. Ummmm. Well, everyone talked about their experiences with blogging and the reactions they've gotten and how BLOGGING HAS CONSUMED THEIR LIVES, and I may have made that last one up. I think my above-average love for food has resulted in a below-average ability to remember things, so I can't recall much of what happened. Little bits of goo swimming around in my head include:

  • rise of food blog popularity
  • comparing food blogs and mainstream media
  • niche food blogs
  • NYC food culture
  • maintaining blogs
  • pancakes

Alright, they didn't talk about pancakes, but that would've been cool.

I don't remember how extensive the bit about focusing on a certain topic in blogging was, but it made me think about how I don't really do that. I just talk about what I eat and whatever food related stuff comes my way without any kind of structure. And of course, I take photos; I really need to save up for a better camera.

Oh, my mum is calling me to share some Jacques Torres chocolate, so I better be off. Lastly, other people/blogs at the panel that I recognized-ish were The Amateur Gourmet, A Year In Food, Kathryn and Lia (actually, I didn't see Lia and the place wasn't that big so I'M JUST BLIND, HA HA oh god).

Okay, I lied; LASTLY, here are some random links:


Allen Wong / June 18, 2005 9:38 PM

Hey robopuppy,

When was that huge billboard posted up? I didn't see/notice it two weeks ago. You're right - the cake looks kind of scary. As far as I know, Western Union has been targeting the Chinese community for the last decade.

I didn't even know about the food blog panel. And to think that I could have made it there after my regents. Bah.


Michael Mahle / June 19, 2005 11:03 AM

I knew it was you!! I confess that I was a little bummed that you avoided me. I was the guy in the glasses (with the "A Year in Food" guy) that asked if you were the blogger I thought you were. Oh well.

Also, nice mention of Ivangie Tea House the other day. I miss that place. Used to eat there when I lived in Allendale alot. PS, my blog has changed to



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