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I dream of pancakes

I can't believe I failed to mention that this past Sunday I went to the Country Pancake House accompanied by CJ and JD (I could be RB but that sounds...well, stupid), who had never been there before. I was more than happy to 1) spread the joy of receiving a plate of pancakes that are larger than your head and 2) have an excuse to eat there.

garden frittata

Since I was still on my "no wheat diet" at the time (abandoned since Tuesday), I ordered a frittata, which like everything in the restaurant is massively huge. As for the white pool of cheese that seems to be suffocating the frittata, I took off most of it and made it into a patty of congealed mozzerella that was eerily satisfying to stab with my fork. We all laughed as I flipped the cooled cheese patty over and over, probably making sound effects during the process (by the way, I make sound have to be around me in real life to hear them since spelling them out isn't nearly as effective). I haven't had many frittatas in my life, but I really liked it. There was nothing wrong with it to my knowledge, just LOTS OF EGGY GOODNESS.

oreo pancakes
orea pancakes

CJ got oreo pancakes after almost considering getting plain pancakes (that would've been lame). He ate about two before getting full. Yes, getting full from two pancakes is normal but it disturbed me a bit since I know that I'm capable of eating two and I'm considerably smaller than CJ, along with not being a guy. Maybe I think about it too much but I'm consistently disturbed by the realization that I can eat the same amount of food as guys that are older and taller than me.

Anyway, if you go anywhere in NJ, you NEED to go to the Country Pancake House. And invite me while you're at it.


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