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plush cakes

mm, low calorie

I've wanted to make plush cakes out of felt. But dollyday did this very well, so perhaps I won't...or I'll look at it as inspiration?

Today I went to the Union Square Greenmarket at around 5 PM. If you live in NYC, you'll know that it was RAINING VERY HARD. In the time I walked from the Path station on 14th street a few avenues east, the rain got harder and harder and...damn. But the bread was priced down so I bought two loaves.

Oh, I ate crap today. SWEET! Seriously, today my diet consisted of bread and olive oil, fruit, cakey-things, and chocolate. Wow. (My diet is always weird on Mondays since I leave home at 3 PM for class and don't get back until after 11 PM). Could've been worse, I suppose.


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