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free food + pretty photos

Su Good Eats lists some free food related things coming up. The ones I'd most want to take advantage of are the Starbucks Ice Cream Social and Cold Stone's free tasting. But I'm sure I won't go to either because...that would be a BAD IDEA (besides that a million people will have the same idea).

pile o cupcakes

From picturing_food comes pagandreamer's PILE O CUPCAKES. I mean, that is just a pile...not like a neatly stacked cupcake display, a MOUNTAIN! Which is more awesome than neatly stacked ones (not that those aren't also awesome). So many...cupcakes...

I am so very jealous of all this cute Japanese food. Such as this:

cream puffs
whoa, cream puffs!

Dude. DUDE. I know those are fake display foods but the real ones don't look all that different. Does Beard Papa's make those in the US too or is it just a Japanese thing? Because I WOULD go to Beard Papa's to try that. I went once, I think on the day it opened near Astor Place, and I never went back because I just don't like cream puffs enough. But upon going to their homepage, I found out they have a location at Garden State Plaza, the shopping behemoth that I've learned to hate over the course of my lifetime because I used to go there weekly, if not more. For some reason I hate going there and seeing loads of weary looking teenagers sitting outside doing pretty much nothing, although I'll admit that there may not be much else to do in NJ (well, I have the Internet...hooray!). However, I'm probably going back soon since my mum said she'd take me to Neiman Marcus' restaurant (not in San Francisco, but that was the only website I could find), at which point I would also check out Beard Papa's.

Ah, I think it's time for lunch? Heehee.

I'll probably be in Tribeca tomorrow so I may go back to Kitchenette and start my day off with something disgustingly unhealthy like a cupcake. WOOO. I'm also probably going to Jacque Torres Chocolate Haven AGAIN tomorrow, at the request of a friend who has never been there. Wow. (pokes self) Hmmm. Hm? Squishy.


Lori / July 1, 2005 6:30 AM

I also don't like cream puffs ... unless it's a Beard Papa's cream puff. Odd name, divine product.

Man, that Japanese food looks like burgers on a stick!

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