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food shirts

Some food related shirts from threadless (there are more than what I'm posting here but these are the ones I like most):

Get In My Belly!: If stuff that looks sleek and well done is a style, I think "crappily drawn" is also a style. One that I like. I'm sure a bunch of people would buy this shirt.

A Balanced Diet: May contain peanuts. Delish!

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing: Actually, I can believe I ate the whole thing. I don't think I'd buy this shirt (would buy the previous two) but it's an accurate reflection eating habits.

Oh, what did I eat today? Err. Lunch:

  • some strawberries
  • an orange
  • a mantou + extra virgin olive oil
  • some chocolate covered almonds
  • slice of pear and strawberry pie
  • a pineapple cake


  • chicken tandoori wrap from Whole Foods, which was really was good, but I wouldn't put "wraps" in my list of favorite foods
  • 5 Star fruit and nut chocolate bar, very good
  • an orange, I thought I ate more. Am I forgetting something? Well. The wrap was pretty huge.


suze / June 27, 2005 7:38 AM

heh id so buy that tshirt that said get in my belly lol too bad i dun trust buyin stuff off net

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