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oh, why me do that?

poofy comic
The Great Wind Eater has Indigestion

Today, I felt just like the Great Wind Eater (taken from my comic at, which after reading a few comics is obviously a product of my food-addled mind). Tonight after dinner I ate some kind of second dinner, which started with a cupcake and ended with PLAIN RICE. The day my house doesn't have a rice cooker is the day we've all died. Or moved. But I figured "died" would sound more dramatic. When I had to cook rice using a pot in my "intro to foods" class last year, I thought, "Well this is stupid, just use a rice cooker!" (My rice came out horribly over-cooked and watery, by the way. I didn't do so well in that class overall. SEE WHY I DON'T COOK? HA HA!!!)

pastel cupcakes
pastel cupcakes

Today I went to the Wyckoff Bakery, a place I've been to maybe twice in my lifetime but is less than 10 minutes away from my house. This is probably a bit odd considering my obsession with bakeries, but I tend to get more stuff from Whole Foods or Market Basket. The pastel cupcakes looked beautiful, but I wanted something with more icing.

cookie monster cupcake
cookie monster cupcake

And so I did. This is a very sad looking cookie monster, and I almost feel bad saying this but the combination of the melty chocolate pupils and the cookie jammed in his mouth give me the impression that he was forced into some kind of S&M act against his own will that involved...eating cookies. Don't ask me where my head's at (seriously, I'm asexual; when I grow up, I'm going to reproduce by BUDDING). I had no problem putting cooking monster out of his misery.

icing to cake ratio
icing to cake ratio

Check out this lovely icing-to-cake ratio. It's a cupcake Susie Felber (who wrote my favorite cupcake description on that cupcake that almost put me into a sugar coma) would almost like! If there were no cake. I love cupcakes with a ratio of almost 50/50 cake and icing, which doesn't happen very often. Cupcakes with a millimeter of icing make me want to cry. As for the taste of the cake and icing, it was good. Nothing bad, at least. Neither part was overly sweet (although I could go for slightly sweeter icing). One of the best parts about eating the cupcake is knowing that I shall be burping sweet sweet cupcake breath for the rest of the night (there's something you absolutely didn't need to know).

Anyway. I really need to lay off the food. I waaay overindulged today considering I didn't have to walk for miles in NYC. If I walked more, that would make me feel a little less guilty about stuffing my face with food. But do people walk in NJ? Noo, they DRIVE! EVERYWHERE!

So what did I eat today? Er. LUNCH:

  • an orange (or two?)
  • two little chocolate brownie thingers that my brother bought but didn't like, thus leading to me eating them, thus leading to me feeling preggers
  • honey + sesame seeds

Dinner + post-dinner:

  • large bowl of Chinese cabbage and some other Chinese vegetable stir fried in curry sauce
  • a few cups of rice
  • an orange (or TWO?!)
  • cupcake
  • another mini chocolate brownie thinger
  • more honey + sesame seeds
  • a bit of plain white rice

(sigh) Do you notice that everything I eat pretty much builds up to the event that I will eat something sugary and fatty at some point (hence my love for honey and sesame seeds)? Of course, I can eat plain rice because I LOVE ME SOME CARBS.

Last thing: I started a new page to list my favorite eating places. I'll keep adding to it but surprisingly, I can't think of a whole lot of places that aren't bakery or candy related. Or maybe it's not that surprising.


Grace Shin / June 18, 2005 11:22 PM

OoOo, we usually use rice cookers as well...but on ocassion, my mom cooks the rice on the oven in a pot - and it's the best. We had some tonight, and the rice is so heavenly with just the right amount of fluff. Like clouds. When I got my plate, I leaned my face into the rising steam and just smelled it. For a very long time. I often like to do that, you know, smell rice. I like to smell lots of things though (like CD booklets). Mmm....carbs....

Allen Wong / June 19, 2005 9:16 PM

Holy crap. A one to one icing to cake ratio. As for your dinner(s), I think this set of characters describes it the best: ":O" I stick with 3/4-1 cup of rice. All my other meals are almost all carbohydrate anyway.

Woah, did you draw poofy in his/her nubby goodness with a Wacom or something? Nubby limbs are so cute, they give me the shivers.

I've been trying to draw in Photoshop CS2, but it doesn't like me. It crashes whenever I go to save. Hopefully, that was just my scratch disc settings getting upity with me.


Naomi / June 20, 2005 3:37 AM

LOL, I had the same problem in my food lab. We had to do a final project that had to meet the USDA standards for "healthy." So I was gonna do a stir fry wih rice, but then found out we couldn't use a rice cooker. I've never cooked rice without a rice cooker! So, I made a potato frittata instead. *hmph*

awesome cupcake, by the way.

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