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I wanted to go to sleep, but I decided to blog instead.

peanut butter cookie
peanut butter cookie

Today I went back to CHOCOLATE HAVEN because I'm a glutton. And. My friend asked me to go. That's a valid reason, yes? Each time I've went was for the sake of showing the place to other people. Naturally I had to try the final cookie in the triad of 10000 Calorie Chocolate Haven Cookies and just like the others, this was one of the best cookies I've ever had. Why? Because. was. Soft. Chewy. Sweet. Full of fat. Mm.

Since my friend Carol and I were going to midtown to see Samaritan Girl (skull-cracking suicidal fun!) we stopped by Buttercup Bakeshop, per my request. So far that day I had eaten some Pocky (Corinne "forced" me yet again, oh my) and the cookie. And. Now. It is. Time. For...


Actually, that's not what I ate. That's what I saw in the window though. Good lord, how could anyone pass that without wanting to go in?

Hummingbird Cake
Hummingbird Cake

Carol and I shared a slice o cake since it's GINORMOUS. Actually, if it were half the size I would've thought it was too small even though half the cake was enough to satisfy me. Hmm. It was like eating banana nut bread with icing; heey, that's totally cool with me as I LOVE BANANA NUT BREAD!!! AND ICING!!! TOGETHER, EVEN!!! TRIPLE EXCLAMATION MARK ACTION!!! I'd want to try it again except that there are a crapload of other choices (such as the trays of cupcakes) that must be eaten at some point in my life.

When I got home from NYC I ate an orange and a slice of bread, but basically I ate one of the least healthy diets ever for one day. But you know what? I felt fine. No indigestion, no sugar coma, no hunger, no insane full-ness. I'd like to believe I burned off a little bit of that cake by walking from the movie theater to the Port Authority terminal (it's probably only around a mile though). Seriously, if the bulk of your daily eating was in cake and sugar form, would you feel relatively good?

Don't worry, I'll eat real food tomorrow.


Lisa / July 13, 2005 12:52 PM

You take such beautiful food've got my mouth watering. I'd like some hummingbird cake too please!

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