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I'm overly mesmerized by this floaty dancing burger thinger. And good lord, that's a lot of burgers. A lot of them are robably close to me but I'm not into hamburgers (I've realized that I'm not really into foods that aren't sweet, or those that are savory, but I'll talk about that later). When i first saw Kono Pizza, I thought it was kind of stupid. And then. I thought it was BRILLIANT! ...Okay, perhaps a few steps below brilliant as it would be better in "sweet cone with cheesecake" form, but it's like a different form of a sammich. Or pizza. One question I have is what is the woman doing? "Ooh floating cones of cheese, I purse my lips at you." Alrighty.

...oh wait, they have dessert ones! I'm sold. Gimme those. [all links from growabrain]


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