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eating too fast

You know you've eaten dinner too fast when the risk of puking keeps presenting itself during the night. I swear that this situation doesn't happen often. I ate leftover pesto pizza (yeah, I ate pizza for the first time in a few years, WHOA), leftover rice noodles, some bread, a fig, a mango nectarine, and a scone. Good god.

I had a nice lunch at Latour with my mum yesterday. They have a prix fix 3-course lunch for around $23 but we each just got a main course and dessert, which was the perfect amount of food. Not that we needed that much food but we ate it all without feeling uncomfortable. The restaurant is tucked away by the train station parking lot so you probably wouldn't notice it just by driving around Ridgewood. I think my mum first heard about it a few years ago from a friend since it's one of the few French-style restaurants around where we live. It feels more French than American due to the clean country-style environment and artwork depicting French villages on the walls. Even though I've been to France, I couldn't tell you what real French food is like since I was seven years old at the time.

(Note to any parents/future parents: if you bring young kids to France, they probably won't care. What they might do is hold it against you that you brought them to France at an age that they couldn't possibly appreciate it beyond cavorting around Disneyland Paris. If you do bring kids to France, don't drag them to too many museums or they might really hate you.)

salmon on a stick
salmon on a stick

"Salmon on a stick" isn't the real name, but there was a stick in it. Very yummy and simple with little plops of mashed potatoes and a few vegetables. Part of the reason that I liked my salmon was because it was round. Yes, I like round food; it may be stupid, but I don't care. Miniature cheesecakes are round. Pancakes are round. Cookies are round. Of course there are lots of non-round things I like, but I don't eat round pieces of salmon very often. The only thing that disturbed me about the salmon was that I couldn't tell what it was crusted with. It had a nice texture and it was...uh, green, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Oh well, still good!

pear tart
pear tart

Tarts are really good! Of course, I knew this already but I tend to go for simpler things like cake. I guess tarts aren't really hard to make (not that I've ever tried it...*strokes chin*...perhaps I should?) but they seem nicer. I would have liked it more if it had been warmed up first, but it was still delicious. And by delicious, I mean I ate the whole thing. And even if it weren't, I still would've eaten the whole thing. You know, I shouldn't write reviews on desserts; I like EVERYTHING!

Oh wait, I have a complaint. After my mum and I left Latour, we went to the A & B Ridgewood Bakery & Cafe, which is right on the corner of South Broad Street and East Ridgewood Ave. I got a chocolate chip scone and wasn't really paying attention to how much it cost, so I thought I misheard when the woman said that my scone and two thin sugar cookies was around $6.50. No way it could cost that much. ...later that night when we actually ate the baked goods at dinner, I found out my scone was $4.50.

HUH? Wait. Have any of you ever paid $4.50 for a scone? It was a large scone but really, it would have to be ginormous to cost $4.50. I'm perplexed by this; did the lady mess up when charging my mum? If I had paid, I would've asked (actually, I would've asked for the price before buying it). I'm not super-cheap but $4.50 for a scone that isn't at least speckled with gold dust or full of Valrhona chocolate can't be worth it. The scone was fine but I wouldn't put it among the best I've had (a little too tough and dry by a smiiiidgen...a smidge. The taste was good but the texture, not so much). Pricing error or are the scones truly $4.50? And if they do cost $4.50, who would buy them when Whole Foods is just down the road and makes better ones?

That was my "weird food of the day": the enigmatic $4.50 scone. $4.50 can buy you a very good slice of cake. $5, an ever better cake, maybe a little tart-esque thing.

...I think I've eaten too many pastries to know their general pricing structure.

Weird food of the day: Trivial Pursuit Pringles. WHY? WHYYYY? I DON'T WANT GREEN WORDS ON MY TATO CHIPS! Even though I loved Pringles as a poor misguided childen, they've got to be the crappiest "potato" chips ever. Molded potato!


Marvo / July 2, 2005 7:37 AM

Pringles aren't potato chips, they're potato crisps made from potato flakes. Dang, I watch too much Food Network! :-)

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