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So it turns out that I AM going to the food blogging whatchamajiggy on Thursday night (thanks, Amy!). A part of me thought "No way, if I go to events in NYC it should be for CONCERTS! CONNCCEERRTTTS!" But there aren't a whole lot of concerts I want to go to at the moment so hearing a bunch of food bloggers speak should be good fun, minus the hipsters.

Thursday is going to be some weird mega-fooding day. Lunch at Lemongrass Grill, perhaps a bit of chocolate hunting (which would entail lots of walking), the food talk, and dinner at some unknown location.

Today I had an orange for breakfast. About 12 hours later I ate dinner (in between I didn't feel hungry, although I was ready to eat by the time dinner rolled around), which consisted of SO MUCH FOOD (but strange ones, perhaps):

  • an orange
  • about 6 strawberries
  • about 6 cherries
  • about a cup of rice (before it was cooked, mind you)
  • crapload of chinese cabbage in some spicy Indian sauce (yup, I cooked)
  • too much honey (maybe two ounces)
  • a few ounces of sesame seeds
  • some potato chips (an ounce?...god, I don't know, not a whole bag at least)
  • water

Spicy cabbage is surprisingly yummy. Rice is always yummy. Actually, it was really the sauce that I liked--forget the cabbage! And now I am very stuffed with a strange combination of foods. You could ask me why I don't eat balanced meals, but...(shrugs). It's kind of balanced, as I do have my fruits, veggies, carbs, yummy yummy sesame seeds...

While I was walking around in NYC yesterday, I seemed to miss most interesting food spots (besides the Shake Shack). But I never went as far west as 9th Ave or else I may have gotten the chance to pass Billy's Bakery. A bakery I haven't had the chance to stuff my face at yet is a bakery I must go to.

...nevermind, I'm weird.


Naomi / June 15, 2005 4:31 AM

ooh, I want to go to the food-blogging event! except...I don't have a food blog (yet...yet!! damn computer illiteracy!), and I'm kinda far away from NYC. oh well. :-p
nah, you're not weird. the other day I had for dinner: an apple, 1 Tbs. of chunky peanut butter, a piece of cheese, 15 pringles chips, and pad thai from a box. just cleaning out my hoard of food in my dorm room. at least you eat pretty healthy food!

janet / June 15, 2005 10:49 AM

oh have fun at the panel. let me know if there are any concerts you want to go to! though i don't know where you musical tastes lie. perhaps you are a metal band fan. who knows? but i'm in dire need of concert buddies. we can make fun of hipsters, a favorite past-time of mine.

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