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I ate wheat

Yup. Wheat. I had gone about 4 weeks without it but something came up; I WAS OFFERED A WHEAT BASED PRODUCT, AND I ATE IT. It was more like half wheat, half red bean, but...

Corinne went to Mistuwa and I stayed in her apartment with her husband since I'm working on his website. Before she went out, I told her that they have great oobanyaki (and even if it were bad, I'd still eat it because I don't know where else to get fresh ones) because I obviously like telling people what yummy foods they should eat, even if they claim to not like red bean paste and pancake-ee things. I wasn't expecting her to BUY a freakin' box of it, but since she's very sweet, she DID. While I was literally out the door, semi-rushed to go to the bus station, she held the long, opened styrofoam box of oblong red bean paste-filled treats in front of my face, insisting that I take one. Well. ...well. Wheat. Well.

So I ate one and it was delicious. Of course, now I'm thinking that the no-wheat thing is over, unless I figure I can eat it once a week. I think I lost some weight by excluding wheat. IT'S A GOOD THING! However, I'm planning to go on a massive cupcake-ing excursion around the city in mid-July so I knew by that time I'd be off the no-wheat thing. It just happened a little earlier than I thought it would.

Last night I went to Legal Seafood with my mum since it's one of the nicest restaurants at the Palisades Center (as opposed to Chili's and The Outback).

rainbow trout
grilled rainbow trout

Rainbow trout is yummy. It's not very distinct in my opinion except that it's a thin, not very large fish. Which is kind of cool. I even liked the skin, which is a part of the fish I tend to not eat (salmon skin mainly, yeecccch). Legal Seafood makes excellent chunky mashed potatoes out of new potatoes, but their green beans and carrots weren't that great.

Auntie Anne's pretzels
Auntie Anne's pretzels

For some reason, I really wanted a pretzel, or something wheat based since I figured by already eating wheat that day, I may as well EAT SOME MORE and continue the neverending consumption of carbs. Not having eaten a pretzel in a few years, I decided to get one, figuring it'd be better than Cinnabon. And then I ate the pretzel and realized Cinnabon probably would've been better. I don't know how Auntie Anne's slogan is "Better than the best you've ever tasted" because I think the pretzels from my high school cafeteria, not exactly a place of the best of anything you may ever taste, were better. It might just be a matter of opinion but there wasn't anything special about these pretzels (I tried the almond one). They weren't very almondy, were not overly chewy or soft so that I could say the chewiness or softness factors were great. Despite that, I ate the whole thing (costed about $2.50, damn) and then regretted wasting my calories on the sad pretzel. There's something not worth trying again.

...however, I'm guessing that there must be a good pretzel in Palisades Center; it's got four floors, so it must have more than four pretzel vendors. If other ones look promising, I might try them. No more Auntie Anne's, I guess.

<Japanese cookbooks
Japanese cookbooks

Even though I don't cook (not "real" recipes at least), I couldn't resist getting a Japanese cookbook from Kinokuniya, or rather, a cookbook in Japanese about Chinese food. I'd love to learn how to make Chinese food and hopefully my mum can't back out of teaching me after gloating ever few page turns, "I know how to make that!" Yeah, mum? YEAH? Well, teach me, dammit! I think she'll regret being so sure of herself considering that she doesn't even like to cook. Hopefully, she'll want to prove herself and we'll have craploads of dumplings and steamed bread. And we'll get very fat...wait, maybe that's a bad idea.


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