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Hear a bunch of food bloggers from sites that you probably read (SliceNY, A Full Belly, The Food Section) speak at For the Main Course, A Blog this Thursday in NYC. I'll definitely be in NYC this Thursday (as I was there yesterday and will be there today and, god, it would be a lot easier to just live in NYC) so I SHOULD go to this, but I'm not sure because I suck. I'll as my mum if she's interested. I don't have any friends who are quite as into food as I am. Good for them. [from The Amateur Gourmet]

Today I ate three oranges, a bunch of strawberries, sesame seeds, honey, and water. I ate too much yesterday so I guess that was my version of balancing it out. I passed by the Shake Shack for the first time today on the way to class (I walked from the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd/8th to the School of Visual Arts on 23rd/3rd) and it was pleasantly uncrowded. Because it was 5:30 PM. Still dieting (haha, right) so I can't eat there at the moment, but at some point I will.

Vincon sells a lovely honey jar. [from Cool Hunting] I don't know anyone who likes honey as much as my mum and I do; unlike chocolate, which has many admirers, people don't seem to go at lengths to praise honey and eat craploads of it. I stocked up last week at Dean & Deluca by buying four types of honey that I assumed were all raw. European ones don't always say whether they're raw but from their consistency it doesn't seem like they could be cooked. Anyway, I'm not really going to go into "ooh I love honey mode" but my mum and I eat a lot of honey. We'd never need a jar though since we just eat it with spoons. The other day I poured some into a small dish to eat; that's the Robyn way to eat honey.


cybele / June 21, 2005 1:45 PM

I love honey too. When I go up to the farm stands in around California, I'm always amazed at the different types of honey available. Avacado flower, orange blossom, lime blossom, and my current fave, mesquite.

I wonder if there's a variety of lavender or rosemary? That sounds like it'd be good.

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