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a bit better

I feel better now, which isn't much of a surprise. Actually, it didn't take me long to feel better just a while after writing my last entry, but that doesn't change that I did feel like the moment.

SO, food. I cooked yesterday! HOLY CRAPTASTICNESS, yeah. I like vegetables because they're easy to cook; you could almost do it with your eyes closed, although I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to burn yourself/your house down. I chopped celery and Chinese cabbage, cooked it with some olive oil for a few minutes and mixed it with teriyaki sauce since that's what we had. And...I ate rice. I figured if it'll keep me sane, I may as well eat rice.

That sounds like a decent entree, but I ate more than that. First off, I had that melon for "lunch" which got peed out rather quickly. I went to the wildlife center in Wyckoff to take a walk with my mum before deciding at the last minute to go to Whole Foods since I didn't really have any food at home.

I was excited to get some FOOD, and then it turned out that I had NO IDEA WHAT TO BUY. All I bought for myself were red delicious apples while my mum got a bunch of vegetables and desserts. She didn't even eat the vegetables that night, in favor of a tiramisu (well, you'd be crazy to want vegetables over tiramisu). Once again, being in a supermarket semi-freaked me out as I blankly stared at the produce around me without any idea of what I wanted to eat or should/could eat. Doh.

I ended up buying some prepared ginger sugar peas and brown rice vegetable sushi. Both were really good, although the sushi seemed kind of expensive when I realized I could probably make it myself (the filling was raw vegetables. My mum pointed out that my sushi didn't come with wasabi, which I wouldn't have noticed since I never use wasabi. Do Americans just not use it much? Ah well, I do like the ginger so I ate most of that.

I ate all the sushi, all the snap peas, and a bowl of vegetables plus some rice. That is a lot of food...oops. Even eating mainly vegetables can't stop me from overconsumption! The food I ate didn't come with nutrition fact labels so I have no idea what my nutrient intake was like. I forgot to mention that I also ate an orange or two, an apple, some honey, and sesame seeds.

Damn, that's a lot. Eh well, I'm cutting back today, having eaten an orange and an apple for breakfast, skipping lunch, and will cook some vegetable-thing for dinner. Tomorrow my mum said we could eat out and I suggest just picking a random place in Ridgewood that we haven't been to before, so hopefully I'll have new photos tomorrow!


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