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First thing: scotch ostrich eggs are scary, dude. [via A Full Belly] Of course, I immediately thought of Keith].

I was strapped in front of my laptop for so long I almost forgot about eating dinner. Ha ha! Um. I didn't, obviously.

For lunch I actually went out with my mum for the first time in a while. We ate at Joel's Malibu Kitchen, a place I've wanted to try because...I've never been there before. There are many good restaurants in Ridgewood; I've tried most of em: three Japanese places, three Chinese places, one Greek place, one French place, two Italian places, a British place (now closed), two Indian places, one Thai place, one American place...keep in mind that this area around the main street in Ridgewood is very small and happens to be mainly very good restaurants. Mmm. The most franchise-ee places are Quiznos, Dunkin Donuts, and Haagen Dazs (there's also a Wild Noodles).

Joel's Malibu was unique compared to most places in Ridgewood, or maybe anywhere in general. Funky decor, ample lava lamps, photos all over the wall, and...smoke coming from the kitchen? Uhoh. The place didn't burn down so I guess it wasn't a big problem. Prices for lunch entrees were inexpensive (under $10). I got the grilled salmon with rice and my mum got quesadillas, which I found interesting since she almost never eats them (she used to order them at restaurants without the cheese; that's not really a quesadilla now is it). I thought the food was good, not really something to rave about but there wasn't anything wrong with it either. Oh, the "bread basket" is quite unique as it comes with a few strips of celery, carrot, zucchini, and fried chips of...something. My mum and I didn't know what it was but it could've been plantain. I guess I wasn't super happy with my lunch because I was still hungry afterwards, but that's not a bad thing as I TEND TO EAT TOO MUCH ANYWAY! So it was a blessing in disguise.

After lunching, we went to the Japanese fish market near the bus station where we got some Japanese cucumbers, nori, and a red bean rice ball. Mmmm...I saved it for after-dinner, hence I didn't eat honey and sesame seeds for dessert. WOO.

I love my mum but talking to her stresses me out a bit. My personality is different; I'm more argumentative. I don't know why as I dislike arguing and I never do it with anyone besides my own family members. In general, I act differently around my family than everyone else. I asked my mum about eating pizza since I'm interested in breaking my pizza fast that's been going on for about two years and she told me about all of pizza's bad properties.

"It's bread, cheese, and tomato sauce, practically indigestible. The crust is so thin, the burnt parts will contribute to cancer. I don't like the crust. Blah blah something or other."

Those weren't her exact words but I had to condense them and add the blah blah. When my mum eats bread, she only eats the insides, believing that the crust is more likely to cause cancer. I'm sure Slice would love to hear that. She probably doesn't like crust that much (I love crust, but I love chewy bread that make my jaw hurt), a reason that makes more sense to me than being afraid of cancer. If I'm that freaked out about my health, I'll just refrain from EATING ANYTHING and live in a cave and talk to myself. ...yup.

For dinner I made sushi filled with raw cabbage and cucumber. Why? Why not? No one else makes it, probably because it doesn't taste like ANYTHING (well, rice and seaweed) but I figured it was semi-healthy. I need all the semi-healthy food I can get because, remember kiddies, I'm prone to gaining un-health. I don't know how to make sushi but it's pretty self explanatory and we have a bamboo mat that probably hasn't been used in years (until now...bwahaha). I ate two rolls of that plus a small cucumber and celery salad in oil and vinegar, and after consuming maybe a cup of rice, I ate more plain rice with furikake that, like the bamboo mat, probably hasn't been used in years either (there was hardly any left, I just found it in the cabinet; it was the most asian thing in there). Topping it off, I ate the Sakuraya red bean rice ball. It may just be because I haven't had one in a long time, but it was really good; soft, not sticky and splodgy, with a load of red bean paste inside. (A "load" could become a new food measurement! Or not.)

So I'm satisfied and probably (er, definitely) ate more than I should have in one day. I forgot to mention that I also ate an apple and two oranges somewhere in between all the other food. It's not that bad, right? I may be overeating, but I think I have the "healthy food" part down. Maybe. I can't feel overly guilty about eating a red bean rice ball.


Haggie / December 6, 2005 4:34 PM

Those fried chips in the bread basket at Joel's Malibu Kitchen are fried sweet potato chips (the orange-y colored ones) and fried yucca, which tastes a lot like potato chip.

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