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new jersey does weird things

Since I've been in NJ (Thursday), I haven't been very hungry. It's partially because I'm in my house and I'm eating semi-continuously, but the desire to eat good foods has decreased since that would mainly involve driving.

I've drank something like five cups of Tazo chai tea since I've been here. Why? Well. It tastes really good. NOO, I don't want to be sucked in by drinks! I think it tastes better than hot chocolate when mixed with honey and milk. It's also really easy to make. And my mum has a lot of teabags. Maybe I'll try a chai tea diet...for a day.

Definitely need to lose weight. Hm.

Yesterday I had eel for dinner but not much has been happening in the fooding world. I've been on my computer most of the time, staying indoors. HOORAY NJ!


saffron / May 9, 2005 3:10 AM

Mmmm... chai. I am doing all crazy thing with my chai spices. On sunday I made a chai milkshake, with tons of ice blended. Kinda ala starbucks, but without the pizazz.

MM / May 9, 2005 3:24 PM

hey there! Yeah, no pic of the WD~50 dessert. Sorry I haven't gotten a link to your site on mine yet...although give me a few minutes and it'll be up. Also, FYI...I grew up in Allendale and played soccer for Franklin Lakes (traveling team). We used to play across from the Market Basket. Ha! MM

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