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cupcake death

A cupcake almost killed me. This one. The description on the page is accurate, yet I somehow missed the part where it said that it was 6 inches tall. It seems more than 6 inches tall, perhaps a few feet tall in cupcake measurements. THIS THING IS HUGE. DO NOT EAT THIS BY YOURSELF OR YOU SHALL SUFFER THE SUGAR OVERLOADING CONSEQUENCES!

Anyway, I ate it by myself. Bad idea. I couldn't eat all the icing. The pink icing on the inside really does give the impression of cute, fluffy blood. And the outside "skin" Is. Um. It affected my ability to think, apparently.

To me, it seems like someone dared the bakery to make some kind of wacky cupcake. "I bet you can't pile on a few inches of icing! Try and make a 3:1 icing-to-cake ratio. HAHAHA HAAR." This cupcake needs a warning label.

Um. Overall, if you like cupcakes and icing, this is definitely worth $3.50. I don't think you'll find any other cupcake that's quite as scary anywhere else. No really, the thing has beady eyes and it freaks you out. And then you chomp off its head and scoop out the sweet sweet innards. Oh. Innards.


janet / May 10, 2005 10:54 AM

I couldn't tell if my comments worked on your regular blog. So now i'm being a spaz and copying it here.

Nothing wrong with no direction! (Only way I live with myself). Savor those two years before you enter this murky pool. Savor like you've never done before.

Anyways. I like your websites, of which you have many, if we shall be grammatically correct. Thanks for stopping my little pigsty of internet.

What's a lap harp? Intriguing.

Michael Mahle / May 11, 2005 7:16 PM

I live a block away or so and have to hold myself back from going there and getting one.

A bakery in Waldwick, NJ used to make those (probably still do) and I used to be addicted to them.

If it was my mom's turn to bring coffee cake to Sunday School, I'd beg her to let me get one. It usually worked. I haven't had one in years, but living so close to this little monster of a delicacy, I'm sure it won't be long.

They have some other good stuff in there too (cheesecake in particular) but I'm not much of a fan of the other types of pastries that they have, although they are all quite good. Decent cup of joe in the morning too.

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