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the bloot

The bloot. That's what I call whatever I have now. It can only be described as "the bloot."

Actually, it can also be described as "the wheeze"...the wheezy bloot? Good god. No, I'm not dying, just ate a wee bit too much. Why? BECAUSE I'M AT HOME! Good lord, the first thing I did (well, one of them) when I got back was drink chai tea. Do I ever drink tea? No! I rarely drink anything besides water. But chai tea is good and I never make it myself and as my mum was already boiling water, I decided to join in on the scalding hot liquid drinking fun!

So, that was yummy. And then my mum broke out a package of heart-shaped brownies from Whole Foods. But these were not ordinary brownies, more like a flourless chocolate cake-like thing. Thingo. But not. That's my best description. It was very good but just not one of my favorite kinds of pastries (wow, those exist!). I also tried one of Whole Foods's chocolate chip cookies since my brother got a tub of them (literally, a TUB). Those were okay too but not something I'd buy myself. YER JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Oh, I have to go back in time some more. This morning I went to Bon Vivant Diner on Broadway between 12th and 13th Streets with Diana for some social eating, WOO! Neither of us was very hungry, but we ate anyway, me ingesting many calories in particular. I got banana pancakes and...A MILKSHAKE. This was around 10:30 AM, so a late breakfast or an early lunch. Why a milkshake? I don't know--I just craved one. That happens, eh? It was yummy although I would've prefered a thicker one (milkshakes from Peanut Butter Co. are deliciously thick). The pancakes were delish with bananas in the batter. Diana got challah french toast and she wasn't expecting such eggy bread. I've never had challah French toast, just regular, so I guess it might be weird to have eggy bread cooked in...egg. Man, now I want to try it! Overall, it's a nice diner and I'd go again.

And...back to home. Oh, we stopped by La Delice Bakery on 3rd Ave and 27th Street since I heard they had some awesome cupcakes. BUT I DIDN'T SEE THE CUPCAKES! The special ones with funky cream. I was sad. So I got a chocolate chip cookie instead, but it wasn't a regular chocolate chip cookie. It was one of those airy crunchy kind. Nothing wrong with that but I guess I wouldn't have bought it if I knew it was not chewy in any sense at all. (sniff) They make lots of yummy stuff, I ought to try one of those sometime. AND I SHALL! I'll go back on Monday. :)

OKAY, BACK HOME. I. Uh. I ate a rugelach since my mum has a bunch of em. I felt very not hungry but my family wanted to go out, so we ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I had only been there once before about 3 years ago and I wasn't really keen on going again, but it was pretty good. Actually, it was very good, in my opinion. The menu is huge but a lot of it seemed ot be stuff you could get somewhere else (my mum got pad thai. AT THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. Alright). I got "The Navajo" sandwich and it was great. It didn't make my mouth weep with joy and deliciousness but I have no complaints. It was a rather unique sandwich using fried flatbread and MM AVOCADO AND GRILLED CHICKEN and some really yummy mayo and stuff. The bread made it really nice, methinks. Any other bread and it wouldn't have been as good.

Oh yes, we had to get cheesecake. I was the only one who actually wanted cheesecake as my mum and brother said they were too full to eat more (my brother DID eat a lot; I saved half of my sandwich to take home). I got a banana cream cheesecake and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, IT WAS SO GOOD. They have a gazillion choices and I think I made the right one, as a lover of bananas. The cheesecake had been frozen so the "cream" part was still a bit in that frozen state, but that gave it an ice cream like texture while being very light. The cheesecake portion was very light as well, not one of those cheesecakes that feels like a brick. My mum did help me eat a bit of it but it was mainly me stuffing myself with something that probably had more calories than I should eat in one day. Besides the cheesecake, there were also mounds of whipped cream, very yummy cream at that. I ended up finishing the whole slice and feeling overly stuffed by the end.

It was worth it. I suppose I should try a different flavor next time but that banana cream...oh my. Banana cream pie is probably my favorite pie (however, the last time I remember having it, a really good one at least, was a few years ago at a restaurant in Ridgewood that had a pastry chef) and with cheesecake it is the super-yum. Banana cream...creamy banana...oh my god.

So I'm totally filled with unhealthy foodstuffs. Yet when I got home, I had to open the fridge to put in my leftovers and what did my eyes see but TWO CHOCOLATE CAKES FROM WEGMANS. My brother bought them, dammit. So I tried one of the cakes, a chocolate one, and it was good but not something that screamed "EAT MORE OF ME." Funny how that works out. It was tasty! Maybe I was too full to appreciate it.


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