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I just inhaled a pork bun

Sadly, I could really use one of these:

Powerseed: Tiny New Electronic Eating Coach for Mindful Eating, Portion Control and Natural Weight Loss

I just inhaled this bun I got in Chinatown. Man, that was good. I didn't eat today until..well, a few minutes ago. Was I hungry? Not really. I might get a loaf of bread later.

Seriously though, I eat way too fast. Sometimes I actually don't, but for the most part (when I'm alone mainly), I eat really quickly. I've somehow gotten around that pesky mastication process. I have yet to figure out if my digestion is bad or if it's actually really good. Probably bad.

I have my last final (my final final?) of the school year tonight in food microbiology and sanitation. I can't tell you much besides, pathogens don't like to grow in really acidic environments? And a lot of pathogens result in nausea and vomiting. Sometimes diarrhea. And C. botulinum is really bad, folks.

...yup, I'm screwed!


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