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late night pork bun

I finally went to Mei Lai Wah Coffeehouse. The place that is usually overflowing with people was thankfully not crowded at 9:45 PM. Well, not overly so; there were still a lot of people inside. I ordered a pork bun and an egg custard tart for $1.

So this pork bun. ...IS REALLY GOOD. It's true. Maybe if you never had a pork bun before and ate it for the first time it wouldn't seem that great but I've had other pork buns and this is a good pork bun. Why? Because. Because it is. Trust me. Holy crap, it's yummy. There are chunks of meat in here and the sauce is kind of sweet and salty and yes. Don't you want it? Yes. I'm not even a huge fan of pork but this I could eat all the time.

And you wanna know what's even better? The dude gave me FOUR EGG CUSTARD TARTS. It's late so I guess they'd throw em out anyway. But good god! I guess I'll just go there at night. Haha. Ha.

Other than that, today I ate half a coconut bread thingy from Lung Moon Bakery and a meat bun from Fay Da Bakery. AND I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL! HOLY CRAP!

So this is how I celebrate. Pork bun-ing and egg custard tart-ing. Superlicious.


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