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drinking myself to death

Some people drink copious amounts of alcohol and turn into drunken monkey-esque creatures (well, I suppose we are monkey-esque creatures already). I drink many cups of tea and turn into...a human filled with liquids. If someone impaled me with a syringe (a rather disturbing idea, yet it's the first one that came to mind), tea would shoot out like water from a fire hose (wait, shouldn't a fire hose shoot out fire?).

Actually, I only drank two cups of tea, but that was after eating three oranges that filled me up to the brim of my esophagus. Or I assume what was my esophagus. Now it's just a tube full of orange., why AM I telling you this? A tube of orange pulp is not pleasant. Oh well.

For dinner I had more than half a loaf of fig and walnut bread from Dean & Deluca, oranges, raisins, and tea. Do I know how to balanace a meal or what? ...Or what. Yeeup. Not even that. The bread was damn good and thank god for baskets of free samples that surround the perimeter of D&D's bread section because FREE BREAD SAMPLES is just what I need.

...For doom.

I am getting so fat, you have no idea. I don't stop eating when I'm full or else I wouldn't have reached the point of possibly upchucking orange bits. Those oranges really put me over the edge...dammit. I think I have a tendency to keep eating unless I eat something dessert-like, and while oranges are kind of dessert-like, I mean more like WHEAT BASED dessert-like, which oranges are most definitely not. I either need to get accustomed to not gorging on cake or cookies OR buy reasonable amounts of cake to cap off my meals.

...seriously, why aren' I obese yet? You know it's going to happen. That, or cancer.

I also ate lunch today so you know I went over. Rawr. I shared some dosas from the Hampton Chutney Company with my teacher that I'm helping build a website for. Never having eaten a dosa before, I'm glad to report that MM, GOOD.

That wasn't correct English. Let me try again.

Mmm...rice crepe filled with yummy goo. Good god, whoever thinks I'm a good writer is insane. Oh well. So back to whatever I was saying (I dunno, my abdomen is swelled like someone who's preggers and I think that affects my brain function, along with the tea), a dosa is a rice crepe filled with whatever you want. I recommend the "Grilled Portabello Mushroom, Spinach & Roasted Onions" since that's what I got, but I'm sure it's all good. The prices aren't super cheap or expensive ($8-$12) but these thigs are HUGE and worth the money. When I say huge, I mean...I was impressed. ME. YES, ME. They remind me of huge-ass subs, but more huge-ass like if that's any kind of measurement (not one likely to be used by any scientific associations, I'm sure; "Now, add two 1.5 huge-ass increments of NaCl". However, they're not insanely filling due to the thin wrapping; it's a good amount of food. I ate a lot, of course.

Oh, my belly.


marissabeck / May 6, 2007 2:54 PM

I just had a beautiful and big Hampton Chutney Dosa last night with Doug and my mouth is still aching for more!!!! You say it precisely: HUGE-ASS. No other way to describe. But it's interesting that I probably could have had another whole dosa after the one I'd just eaten :)

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