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Top 10 Things

I got this idea from words to eat by after reading that "50 Things Every Foodie Should Do" list that every "foodie" has probably read by now. Here's my "Top 10 Things Every College Student In NYC Should Do, Especially If Your Name Is Robyn" (not in any particular order):

  1. Go Donut Pub-ing, even if you're not really into donuts. Why?'s the Donut Pub.
  2. Eat at one of those cheaper-than-dirt dumpling houses in Chinatown (on Allen, Eldridge, Mosco, and Mulberry)
  3. Get cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery, eat them there, and go back for MORE CAKE
  4. Roam near the Manhattan Bridge on East Broadway for GREEN SAMMICHES (perhaps the best sandwich you can get for $1) and if you have another dollar, get a pack of vegetable steamed buns
  5. Sullivan Street Bakery: Get anything from there!
  6. Pick a bakery in Chinatown and get a filled bun (red bean is always good), a fried sesame rice ball, or...uh...anything
  7. Eat a loaf of bread from the Union Square Greenmarket (I usually buy from "Our Daily Bread") and a scone...or a muffin. Or all three.
  8. Fulfill your hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie craving at City Bakery
  9. If you like ginger, try the ginger ice cream at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. And if you don't like ginger, get the coconut. And if you don't like coconut, what's wrong with you?
  10. This isn't in NYC but it's VERY CLOSE and you can get there by shuttle from the Port Authority Bus Terminal: Japanese food lovers must go to Mitsuwa for oobanyaki and a gazillion other yummy things


Lori / May 20, 2005 4:57 AM

Ooh, I like this! You MUST come back to my blog soon for my own top 10 list!


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