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stupid raisins

I ate relatively healthily today. For lunch I had a yummy with that had romaine lettuce, carrots, beets, some chicken bits and...other stuff made by my teacher that I'm interning with plus a very nice fruit salad and half a piece of bread. For dinner I had a lot of green beans that I pan fried in olive oil and sesame seeds, onion focaccia, and a cucumber. And some almond...jello. And. A CRAPLOAD OF RAISINS.

RAAIIISINS god damn you. My mum bought a few pounds or something (we have many jars of raisins) and I can easily eat half a pound without realizing it. Well, I DO realize it, but it doesn't do anything to satisfy my appetite. And I ate SO MUCH FOOD. I can't tell you the exact measurements of what I ate for dinner but it was a lot. It wasn't necessaril unhealthy but it was just a lot of food. Same for the raisins, which aren't exactly super-healthy but probably better than a deathly cupcake.

This morning I felt so fat squeezing into pants that ARE QUITE LARGE that I told myself I would cut out grain products. Which obviously didn't happen. I've lost weight before, so I know I can do it again. But. (sigh) Living in NYC was bad, but living in NJ means I get almost no exercise. I go into the city but I don't have to walk much since my teacher lives really close to the subway station. Doh.


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