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I ate way too much today, and by that I mean I ate enough for at least two days. Or more. Or a hippo. Something like that. I don't even know what hippos eat but they bring to mind a lot of food. Hell, they have their own board game based on eating!

I felt terribly guilty walking home with a container of noodles with sesame sauce in hand and 4 navel oranges in my backpack. In between buying those two items, I went to Fried Dumpling on Mosco Street and tried five fried pork dumplings. Delicious. Absolutely delicious. WHY! WHY!? Five juicey golden crispy pork-filled dumplings for a goddamn dollar?

I ate them in that park by Mulberry Street near a fence that divided me from the teenage boys playing basketball. I stuffed myself while a bunch of guys were exercising. Yup, I'm a prime representation of the female gender. Those five dumplings were enough food for dinner but I just had to go to Tasty Dumpling to try the noodles. I've never had noodles with sesame sauce before so I wanted to try it. Verdict? Yummier than it looks. It doesn't look really bad but it's just..splodgey. The shredded cucumber was a nice touch as a garnish. The noodles were thick udon-like noodles, which I love. (Hell, I love all noodles.)

I also ate two navel oranges later in the day. Er...night. Er. Um. I ATE SO MUCH. The end. Spent between $10-$15 I think, except I bought the cupcake with my NYU ID card so it's not cash out of my wallet.

I can't bring any money with me to school tomorrow. Just can't. And I'm sure as hell not going to use my campus cash. Cos. Yes. Pray for me.


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