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the day isn't even over yet

...yet I already ate enough to feed an army. An army that loves wheat.

First off, you know I'm gluttonous for waking up at 7 AM after less than 5 hours of sleep just so I could justify eating breakfast. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Sleep is good! I enjoy sleep! But not as much as eating! EATING IS WORSE FOR MY HEALTH (haha) THAN SLEEP! It's wrong.

So I was out by 8 AM and stopped by Pamela's Bake Shop on 4th Street just west of Broadway for...something baked. I got a carrot muffin ($1.75) and thankfully it also had raisins and nuts in it (I thought it would just have carrot). While there weren't enough nuts, there were loads of raisins and lots of carrot flavor. I don't see myself going to Pamela's Bake Shop a lot since my reason for fooding is to try different places but it's extremely convenient for students around NYU. Besides muffins they also have scones, croissants, and other stuff I can't recall. The scones looked good. Mm yes.

About two and a half hours later I went to the Union Square Greenmarket to meet up with Diana and get some food. I got yet another chocolate chip cookie from a vendor who didn't have any signage. It was one of those huge, probably 500+ calorie $1.50 cookies. It was good but was more of a thin crunchy cookie than the soft chewy kind. I still stand by my belief that the Donut Pub's and City Bakery's chocolate chip cookies are the best thus far. I have so many more cookies to try. I got a focaccia with mushroom, spinach, and mozzerella from the market as well and it was yummy but would've been so much better if I had willpower and could have saved it to bring home and re-bake in my oven. It's a great buy at $3.50 though and I justify it's somewhat healthy for the four or five spinach leaves. :p

And then. IMPULSE BUY ALERT! NYU's campus dining has started carrying Crumbs cupcakes, which I've heard of but never tried before. I figured I could use my campus cash and that would somehow not count (although the calories are all sitting in my belly). I got a Devil Dog cupcake for $3.50 after pondering perhaps a little too long which flavor to get.

Overall impression is that it was good cake and good frosting but the wrong proportions of both. Something I like about cupcakes is that they're small or else they'd be like mini-cakes. In Robyn's world, a mini-cake is larger than a cupcake. Don't ask me why; it's just the way things are. So anyway, these cupcakes are GIGANTIC (as noted in this cupcake article) and that's all fine and good considering it costed $3.50 but I want to finish a cupcake kind of wanting more, not thinking "Oh shit, I just ate a cupcake the size of a softball." In my opinion, the cake was delicious (even the chewy parts around the edge; the bottom part was super soft and moist) and the smooth frosting was just the right sweetness, but since the cake was so big, there wasn't enough frosting to balance it out. It was more like a regular cake than a cupcake to me. Needs more of that frosting!

It's all a matter of personal taste of course. I finished the cupcake despite that it could've fed two people, but I wouldn't buy one again unless I could share it with someone else. I think it definitely needed more frosting. PILE IT ON! It made me long for a Magnolia cupcake, even though their frosting is way sweet and sometimes has a bad texture. But they put on loads, I think. Crumbs makes a yummy not overly sweet cake but...I want less of it! Decrease the cake and leave the frosting or increase it.

Pray that I won't eat more today. But I might and if I do, you'll hear about it (maybe in the form of sobbing in a corner of my room).


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