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What the hell did I write in my last entry? I wrote one just recently, yes? I think half of my brain was snatched some time today around lunch and then replaced with...jello.

Number one: this crappy weather should go away, perhaps to a place that is in a drought.

Number two: there is no number two but since I had a number one I figured I'd also write number two. I'm trying to be consistent, folks.

Today at my registration session there was food, of course. However, this time it wasn't prepared in the kitchen next door but in Sullivan Street Bakery. My advisor had gotten potato and zucchini pizza from the bakery that I had been meaning to get pizza from. What did this mean? Was I supposed to resist the pizza (which is nothing like a regular pizza, thus making me hesitant to even call it pizza) or indulge after my morning rant about not eating?

I'm weak. I gave into the nine square inches of flat, chewy bread covered with potato or zucchini. And I sinfully ate SIX PIECES. Try to imagine a 3x3 inch piece--it's not very large. But I ate six of them, which to me means 54 square inches (the area of a city if you're a microscopic organism) and a number of calories I'd rather not know (thank god I can't calculate that).

Oh well, I suppose I won't go to that bakery anytime soon. I think their slices of pizza cost $2 each but I got it for FREE. It's worth $2. The pieces I ate weren't even warm or else they would've tasted better and god knows they were already addictive.

I lasted from around 8 PM last night to 2:30 PM today. That's not very long. I WASN'T EVEN HUNGRY! Oh, but it gets worse.

I walked home from school in the pouring rain. Actually, it didn't seem that bad, but then I guess the powers above drank too much Poland Spring and had a massive peeing get-together. I walked down Crosby Street, a lovely alternative to Broadway that allowed me a glimpse into the backs of empty shops that I'd probably never shop in. I went down Mulberry below Canal to take a look around a shop that proclaimed that they had SUSHI. For some reason I was craving sushi and found out their sushi is quite cheap compared to other places, not that it's free but a few cents makes a difference. However, I was wallet-less in my attempt to not eat anything so I continued my merry, sushi-less way.

Wait, I wasn't merry. How could I be merry dripping in sky pee? Actually, I wasn't soaked as much as hot and sweaty since it wasn't really that cold and my water-proof jacket could keep me warm in below-zero temperatures. Thank god I decided to wear my boots that morning.

I don't get hungry easily but I get the desire to eat as easily as I can breathe. No wait, scratch that; as easily as I can surf the Internet (I get wheezy so I guess breathing isn't my thing). I wasn't very hungry but something in me craved sushi so I went BACK INTO THE CRAPPY WEATHER at around 6:30 PM to go back to the sushi place plus the bakery a few doors down (Lung Moon Bakery; I like that name for some reason).

I knew it was raining hard before I went outside. The continuous ripples in the water I could see from my window told me, "If you go out, you're a dumbass." Ah, yes I am. In less than 5 minutes the front of my pants were soaked (and the back, mysteriously dry). I certainly wasn't going to stop and about ten minutes later I got my baked goods (a cream bun something or other and a rice ball for $0.50 each) and sushi (eeeeel!). When I walked home the rain had mostly subsided, the sky's urinary tract running dry. I guess I just went out at the BEST TIME EVER for a good pants soaking.

I haven't eaten anything yet, but I may as well. I saw a lot of delivery men in my dorm tonight. College students are sometimes the epitome of laziness, me being no expection, but what the hell compels me to walk to Chinatown in the rain for sushi and a rice ball?! As I said before, I tend to be far from starving and I'm not lazy enough to not go out. It's bad. It's very bad.

Oh, I couldn't justify eating anything if I didn't get some exercise. I bet I only burned 100 calories walking today ("walking" as in home from school and for dinner, not all the other walking in between), although being angry at the sky may have burned some more along with agitate my stomach acids.

...right now I can hear my roommate talking on the phone with her mum, I assume. She's a vegetarian and just found out that some cheese uses animal rennet, which bothers her. I don't mean to sound haughty but as someone who doesn't even eat much cheese (the most cheese I ate was when my mum and I grew fond of trying every kind of raw cheese available) all I can think is, "Duh." Being a lacto-ovo vegetarian is okay but you're eating animal products in some way or another. Is it such a big deal that the rennet in your cheese is from animal enzymes? Eggs come from animals, milk comes from animals...ah well, there are differences but I'm just saying. I guess I sometimes have bigger issues than eating animal rennet.


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