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French toast hot cross bun The Magnolia Bakery let's look inside the bun some more cream bun eel sushi persimmons still looking at the roast pork bun red bean bun

This isn't all from one day; don't worry. First four photos are from Sunday, next two from Monday, last three from today.

I fear I eat too much. Today I ate 4 giant pocky (so now i have no more; I can't believe it lasted 11 days), the roast pork bun, the red bean bun, 5 persimmons and one orange. Healthy? Not really. Could've been worse but I feel guilty. Spent $10 on the fruit, $1.30 on the buns. $10 of fruit should last at least three days. I walked to and from school and to and from Chinatown which equals out to at least 5 miles...? I'm figuring school is about 2 miles away. It always takes me 40 minutes to get there.

On Sunday I went to the Cornelia Street Cafe with my dad. That was nice. French toasting.

I try not to overeat...although it doesn't always work. I try not to keep food around but obviously I can buy two things from a bakery and eat them in the same day. I don't have snacks besides fruit as I decided I can't have Japanese snacks around anymore. All night during my food microbiology class I kept thinking about making sandwiches, which makes no sense as I rarely eat sandwiches and absolutely never make them. How come I don't make them? I can't buy bread. If I buy a loaf of bread I'll eat the whole loaf. It happened last fall when i bought a small loaf of rye bread--I didn't actually finish it as I threw it out before I had the chance. Since then I haven't bought a loaf of bread. But you can't buy two slices of bread. I don't buy sandwiches because they general don't have stuff I want and are usually expensive. I guess I'd buy some sucky little sandwich...anyway, I want a vegetable sandwich, that's all. But i don't really want a green sandwich from a Chinatown street vendor, would rather just buy some veggies and plop em on toast with minimal seasoning. And then I thought it would be yummy to have eel in there as well. Of course, I can't buy a loaf of bread (which would probably just cost $1.50 or so) so nevermind the sandwich idea.

So now I'm wondering if I should bring my wallet to school with me today. I'll be there from before noon until 9 PM, leaving a big gap for fooding, or not. The only way to make sure I don't buy food is to not have my wallet. But. I want a hamantashen! A GIGANTIC HAMANTASHEN! The bakery is too close to M2M. And even if I didn't want that, the other bakery I went to last week is close by too. Walking feels like nothing anymore as the time gap between my classes is pretty large (although not large enough for me to go to my dorm). No bakery within a 1 mile radius is safe. :(

I suppose it's better than being addicted to crack.

I really like taking photos of food. And then, of course, I eat it...but I wouldn't mind not eating it, ie taking photos of someone else's food. But the way I do it is that I hold a plate in front of the light that I can move around (hooray for ghetto photography "equipment"?), which means I need to take it back to my room and...I really need a bigger plate but the idea of buying a huge plate just for the sake of taking photos sounds a bit obsessive. I'm going to take a food photography class this summer though. I think.


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