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someone's on crack!

No, not me. Gothamist! They had fun with Easter candy and wow, even I'm not that nuts. I hope nobody puked, although I guess it would only look marginally worse coming up than going down.

Funnily enough (because I don't do the following very often), I went to Duane Reade today because I needed q-tips (for a craft project, hopefully you'll see it later) and picked up a Cadbury creme egg as I'm sure I've never had one before. What I DO remember is seeing the commercial when I was very little that involved a bunny laying the creme egg and someone cracking the egg every so slowly to let the "yolk" and "white" ooze hyponotically. Knowing it was fake made it more appealing somehow. me, at least. If it were real that would be nasty.

That must've been one damn good commercial for me to have remembered it for so long. However, it didn't make me buy any creme eggs until now, so it received a delayed reaction.

Oh, I've never had a marshmallow peep to my knowledge. [thinks]...nah, really can't think of a time I ever had one. If I ever ingested one of those brightly colored substances bordering on "food" then it would've been in elementary school, which was an eon ago, give or take a century. I'm assuming they're like marshmallows though and after eating some individually wrapped Japanese marshmallows, I realized that I really only like "homemade" type marshmallows. I've been spoiled. However, if they taste different enough from marshmallows so that I could appreciate them, let me know.

I have a crapload of photos to show you lovely Internet people. SOOON!


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