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a perk of being in my school

Or my dorm, rather. My RA (plus another floor) set up a free meal at Chikalicious! I signed up ASAP, of course. I've never been there but have heard about it many times. Since 10 of us are going we're going to practically fill the whole place, meaning we'll get there as soon as it opens and then feast on teeny little desserts. I can't wait!

Today I ate two meals at M2M on 3rd Ave and 11th. I already loved that place but even more so now that they opened up the seating area and have a new sushi/Japanese food bar. I just got sushi from the prepared food section though.

vegetable sushi
vegetable sushi

Lunch consisted of "vegetable" sushi and dinner consisted of eel sushi and a daifuku (glutinous rice with red bean filling--I was craving one). It's weird that I suddenly decided to have sushi twice in one day as I don't recall eating sushi since December and that was because a friend requested we eat Japanese food. Japanese food was my favorite before I went on my raw food diet and I think I'm rediscovering it. A sushi roll is perfect; not too expensive, includes the major food groups, and isn't overly filling but filling enough.

Too bad I nearly spent $10 today. Obviously I can't do that every day or I'll spent $300 on food a month! I can do better than that. But do I want to? :\


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