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Early this afternoon I headed to the East Village to meet up with other people in my dorm for a free dorm-sponsored meal at Chikalicious. On the way I meant to stop at Moishe's Bakery was on the way. I had just heard of it a few days ago and figured, "Hey, I can fit in more fooding."

I got a hanmantashen because I had heard of them just recently, had never eaten one before and THEY ARE CUTE. The bakery had craploads of em so I bought a large poppy seed one (first thinking it was chocolate) for the kingly sum of $1.50. I've rarely had anything with poppy seed in it before and as for a cookie FILLED with poppy seed, it was...

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! HOOYEAH! Yesterday's favorite new food was the French cruller (which I didn't talk about yet but I will soon); today, it's the hamantashen. Why was it so good? I don't know. Maybe it wasn't really that good, but I've never had one before so I have nothing to compare it to. And nevermind that, you'd have to be crazy to not like this baked good. My tastebuds said "YES, MORE" upon being hit with the crumbly, buttery texture and slight orange flavor (I didn't know it was orange until I looked up the recipe). Oh, the poppy seed filling was yummy too. It didn't taste really distinct but as I said, I haven't had much poppy seed stuff before. My best description would be that it tasted poppy and seedy. ...yes, that was a pathetic description. There were also ones with fruit filling but I'm not a big fan of jam (if there was a cream filled one I'd be all over it).

Oh, there's a funny point to this whole story. After doing some hamantashen research online I found out they're made for Purim, a holiday that started last night (which I figure means it's still going on today; pardon my lack of Jewish knowledge). While checking on my bloglines I found out from Gothamist and Chowhound that I happened to have gone to the right bakery for my fill of hamantashen besides going at the right time. So I had a magical first hamantashen experience that somewhat aligned with a holiday! I suppose it's a good thing I don't have any Jewish friends near me or I'd steal all their cookies....

However, my roommate gave me a chocolate bunny yesterday and I already ate it. :| Oops.

Oh yes, I'll have the full report on Chikalicious soon. Before that I have to tell you about yesterday's massive foodiness.


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